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YouTube Reaches More Millennials Than Any TV Network, Study Finds

LOS ANGELES — Sorry, Cable TV: A new report suggests that YouTube reaches more people on mobile than any broadcast or cable network.

The new third-party research series, commissioned by YouTube and provided to Mashablesuggests that the platform has continued to grow despite increased competition in the online video market.


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Here are the top three takeaways from the results, which were compiled by Ipsos, comScore and Nielsen.

YouTube > Cable?

According to research companies, YouTube now reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year olds (the key demographic) than any TV network – broadcast or cable – on mobile.

YouTube viewers also appreciate the living room experience

Of course, cord cutting is on the rise. But millennials also consume much of their digital video through connected TVs and all the devices that power them.

More than half of YouTube users ages 18-49 surveyed said they’ve watched the Google-owned video platform on their TVs.

A whopping 90% of that same demographic said they use a smartphone, tablet, or computer while watching TV.

Brands still play a big role on the platform

It’s no secret that brands are a huge part of YouTube, with many creators using sponsorships and partnerships to make a profit.

And consumers agree with that. The report found that 61% of those who follow YouTube creators say their opinions about a brand have been influenced by the creator they follow.

Meanwhile, a whopping 74% watch branded channels on YouTube weekly, and 63% took action because of a branded or creator video.

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