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RALEIGH, NC, Sept. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Workplace Options (WPO), a leading provider of global wellness solutions, has announced plans to roll out comprehensive emotional wellness support , practical and physical for people working in the arts and entertainment industry.

Media and production houses in this industry can access tailored programs that will foster work environments where cast and crew are psychologically healthy and able to perform at their best. Because this field relies heavily on a wide range of skilled freelancers and contractors, many of these workers lack employee support programs or insurance that cover vital mental health services.

In a 2019 survey (Behind the Scenes Foundation) examining the mental health of American employees working in film and television, nine out of ten respondents said they felt anxious. Additionally, eight out of ten industrial workers reported symptoms of depression. More than four in ten employees had suicidal thoughts; this statistic is four times that of the adult population as a whole (10%).

People in all industries experience stress related to work-life balance, and a recent study showed that 78% of arts and entertainment workers struggle with burnout due to tight deadline projects. Hours are often long and irregular, work is transient and many jobs require long periods of absence. These conditions can negatively affect relationships and create challenges for cast and crew working on media productions.

“Organizations are on the front lines of educating, encouraging and empowering their people to engage in supporting wellbeing,” said Alan King, president and CEO of Workplace Options. “We are ready to help arts and entertainment stakeholders with unique and carefully designed services that provide immediate care. WPO understands the specialized needs of this exciting, yet demanding industry. We can provide tailored solutions that address emotional, practical, and physical concerns so that cast and crew succeed in their professional and personal lives.

WPO programs establish environments for organizations to present a safe space where their members understand that discussing and seeking treatment will never be blamed. According to the 2019 survey, 42% of American film and television workers who had a mental health problem hid their problems for fear of being fired or excluded from future work opportunities. Only seven percent of survey participants said they would ask their managers for help if they had a mental health problem.


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