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WIN TV NETWORK and BIONEUTRA INTERNATIONAL LTD announce the development of “SUPERMAG” as a clean solution to oil addiction.

BioNeutra International Ltd (OTCMKTS: BIMO)

REDDICK, FLORIDA, USA, March 8, 2022 / — It is with great pleasure that Win TV Network Inc and BioNeutra International Ltd (TICKER SYMBOL: BIMO), a small US public company, will be working together on the first work of an electric generator powered by magnets.

The initial project was started a few years ago by Bioneutra who called the project “SUPERMAG”. The company then struggled to find the funding to fully explore the machine’s potential, but several prototypes were built. The design is owned by BioNeutra and is now being revived in light of world events that clearly indicate that oil-dependent countries are vulnerable.

Recent events in Ukraine have had a global effect not only on oil markets with the highest prices ever recorded, but also on the world population in general, as these high prices affect supply lines, for sources, the transportation and almost everything else.

The “SUPERMAG” uses very powerful magnets to power a large flywheel whose own inertia makes it a generator. It is not a FREE ENERGY contraption as it needs a jolt of electricity to start the rotation but once the flywheel spins it fits a generator which has about 27 patents involved. These generators can provide up to 10 KW of power, which is enough to fully power 5-10 large homes.

While the “SUPERMAG” is still a prototype that requires a lot of work, it is fully scalable so that if proven feasible, it could eventually power a small town or even a city.

Once running, it needs no fuel. The magnets will last about 500 years and only lose a few percentage points of their strength.

Magnets are currently being used in more and more applications, including lifting megaton high-speed trains that accelerate up to 300 = 400 miles per hour. They power military weapons that can fire a steel bolt through one inch plated steel. When you look at some of these applications, it is not impossible to think that the extraordinary power that these magnets have and what they can achieve cannot be adapted to the production of electricity.

WIN TV NETWORK INC. is a private global television network and supports innovative projects. BioNeutra International Ltd. (TICKER SYMBOL: BIMO) is a small, publicly traded company that currently complies with the new 15c 211 rules introduced by the SEC last year. The two entities will seek to set up a new cycle of financing through private capital and public means to finance the new stage of development of the “SUPERMAG”

Given the current stance of many governments seeking a clean alternative to fossil fuels, both companies believe this round of “SEED” funding should be readily available. As the initial work on the original prototype which weighs almost a ton has been almost 90% complete and has had the support of many engineers involved in the project, this second stage of development should be relatively quick.

If anyone in the private sector would like more information, please contact WIN TV.


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