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Who needs TV commercials? Tesla China shows off camp mode in new social media video

Electric vehicle giant Tesla Inc. TSLA is known for not airing TV commercials and spending a minimum on marketing its products.

That doesn’t stop the company from highlighting key features of its vehicles and upcoming events, using its wide social media reach and effective word of mouth as marketing tools.

What happened: Tesla China recently highlighted the camp mode features of Tesla vehicles in an article found on his Weibo by Tesla influencer Sawyer Merritt.

“Go camping,” reads the video, which features a set of parents and children taking their Tesla Model Y on a trip.

“It doesn’t matter when or for what.”

The one-minute, 47-second video highlights the key features of camp mode and shows off the Tesla Mic karaoke system available in China.

The ad encourages people to “please slow down, enjoy the moment” and “be a friend of nature”.

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Why it matters: The video shared by Merritt has over 40,000 views on Twitter Inc. TWTR.

A Twitter user pointed out that Tesla posted a similar camp mode video on its YouTube in December. This video has over 705,000 views.

Users were quick to mention that although Tesla does not do paid advertising, the company still has a marketing department.

“They make videos like this all the time. See Twitter and IG (Instagram),” one user tweeted.

Another user drew attention to how Tesla China is capitalizing on a big camping trend in the country.

“Visited a #Tesla showroom under construction in a mall yesterday. They had a Model Y parked out front with a full camping setup. Airbed inside, sun sail, table with chairs, cooler and stove,” tweeted the user.

Tesla reported sales of 32,165 units in China for the month of May, a sharp increase from April’s total with factory shutdowns still in place.

TSLA Price Action: Tesla shares are up 3.11%% at $683.27 on Wednesday afternoon at the release.

Photo: Model Y courtesy of Tesla Inc.