What to watch? The founders of the ATX Television Festival share their thoughts on the programs and the frenzy.

The final season premiere of “Better Call Saul” this week was date TV for some – that is, if date TV is still a thing in today’s troubled media landscape. today.

Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson are the founders and co-executive directors of the ATX Television Festival, which has its “11th season” coming in six weeks in the Texas capital. Although the two are TV lovers, they have slightly different viewing habits and opinions on programs. On the one hand, there is the question of observation frenzy.

McFarland tends to oscillate between binge-watching and taking his time.

“It’s a very long debate we have,” McFarland told the Texas Standard. “Actually, I think I’ve changed. I used to be a binge modeler, always. I now think the show…tells me what it should be: should I watch everything from once or watch it every week?

Gipson approaches the shows with a somewhat relaxed pace.

“So my version of binging is that even if something was released all at once, you know, I’m probably going to spread it out over two to three weeks and do one episode at a time every other day. So I pace myself,” Gipson said.

Here’s what they’re binging (or not) right now:

“Better Call Saul”, AMC: McFarland says he watched all seasons at the start of the pandemic and has been waiting two years for new episodes.

“I love him so much,” she said. “I like it more than ‘Breaking Bad’; it’s outdated for me. I think Rhea Seehorn in particular is just amazing.

“A Dark Lady Sketch Show,” HBO: Creator Robin Thede is coming to Austin for this year’s ATX TV Festival.

“It’s not usually my thing, but it’s pretty hilarious…it’s like condensed skits from ‘Saturday Night Live’,” McFarland said. “And I like it.”

“The Stall”, Hulu: Gipson says she took her time watching this one, and is currently in full swing.

“It’s so good,” Gipson said. “Amanda Seyfried is phenomenal, and I really enjoy the ride, even though ‘based on a true story’ you kind of know where it’s going, it’s still so well done it keeps you on the edge of your seat, even if you know the end.

“Buying Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty”, HBO: McFarland says she wasn’t initially interested in the concept but was soon hooked. A second season is currently in the works.

“I like that for you”, Showtime: McFarland and Gipson got a sneak peek as part of preparations for the ATX Television festival. The premiere is scheduled for April 29.

“It’s Vanessa Bayer, who was from ‘Saturday Night Live,'” McFarland said. “It’s kind of based on her, her true story. Apparently, she had cancer when she was little. It’s got Molly Shannon in it, and it’s a series on the home shopping network, like, she becomes Home shopping network host, right? But she told people she still had cancer, and she ain’t; she’s lying. And it’s that half hour. is hilarious.”