What is Tech? Critical Smartphone Updates, Computer Programs | southeast pennsylvania

Whatever devices or software you use, something needs to be updated. In the past two weeks alone, Apple, Windows, Mozilla, and Google have introduced several updates. Even Zoom needs an update. And sooner rather than later.

Apple has released updates for Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, Safari, Apple TV, iTunes, and Mac. Some are critical security updates to fix vulnerabilities that hackers may already be using to compromise phones and computers. If you still have iTunes on a Windows computer, Apple says a malicious image can allow hackers to remotely install runtime code on Windows computers.

You’ll know if your device needs updating by looking for a red number above the settings app.

Google released a critical update for its Chrome browser earlier this month. Android phones and devices need to be updated for security reasons. Mozilla has released an update to Firefox browsers to fix nine vulnerabilities. Later, white hat hackers discovered more. Firefox has another update to fix these security flaws.

And if you’re using Zoom for video conferencing, make sure the software is up to date. The company said hackers could execute an attack on individual computers even without the computer owner clicking anything. You will find the Zoom update by opening the program. If an update is available, it will be displayed at the top of the page.

While you’re at it, check for updates on other devices like Wi-Fi routers, security cameras, and smart TVs. I know it’s a hassle to keep up with updates, so if you can choose to install updates automatically, do so.