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It’s an embarrassment of riches for Aunty on a Wednesday night.

Nine must be eternally grateful for A topical matter (653,000) performing so well, especially on nights when Celebrity Apprentice Australia (373,000) drops 30,000 viewers from last night’s episode. As a sign of perhaps the most beloved franchise, a repeat of travel guides (311,000) after almost beating him! Prison Girls: The Life Inside (69,000) with the addition of Footy Ranked (64,000 MEL/ADL/PER) give weak options later in the night.
Top nine in the primary (18.9%) and network (27.3%) rankings.

Far from home (473,000) continues its run as the best of Seven after the news, while Big Brother Australia (349,000) slips and slips all over the place in the mid-300s, having only reached 400,000 when it premiered. England has an incredible talent (208,000) is relegated to fourth place in the slot while Scandalous marriages (67,000) fills the schedule.
Seven second in the primary (17.8%) and network (26.4%) rankings.

7:30 a.m. (533,000) and difficult quiz (544,000) start a big night for the ABC – one that sees them dominate the closing primetime schedule. The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (549,000) back to its best numbers this season, and now paired with You can’t ask that (346,000) the bubble continues. IQ (239,000) and a repeat of Would I lie to you? (173,000) also triumph at the end of the evening.
ABC third in the primary (14.6%) and network (20%) rankings.

Poor old 10. They can’t lift The project (255,000 6:30 p.m.; 365,000 7 p.m.) out of the doldrums, and even when MasterChef Australia (486,000) attracts the largest prime-time commercial audience, it is eclipsed by the ABC’s offerings. Five bedrooms (269,000) draws a small but attentive audience to the show’s first FTA already available in its entirety on its streamer, and American dramas Bull (148,000) and It’s us (61,000) hard taper.
10 fourth in the primary (11.7%) and network (17.8%) rankings.

SBS deliver Tony Robinson: World War II by drone (184,000), a repeat of Big Ben: restoration of the world famous clock (124,000), and a new ep by Cobra (58,000).
SBS fifth in the primary (4.6%) and network (8.5%) rankings.


16-39: Seven News 6pm (110,000) is ahead of MasterChef Australia, Nine News 6pm/6.30pm and Seven News 6.30pm.

18-49: Seven News 6pm (209,000) beat Nine News 6pm, Seven News 6.30pm, Nine News 6.30pm and MasterChef Australia.

25-54: Seven News 6pm (272,000) scores a rare triple win over Nine News 6pm, Seven News 6.30pm, Nine News 6.30pm and MasterChef Australia.


the coroner (143,000) scores another cross-channel win for 7TWO.


Sunrise (232,000)
ABC breakfast (224,000 (126,000 ABC; 98,000 ABC News))
Today’s show (183,000)


No change from previous week’s primetime lineup after Total TV figures were added: Travel Guides (nine) up 25% to 1,084,000; MasterChef Australia (10) increased 22% to 810,000; and Big Brother Australia (Seven) rose 49% to 802,000.

The top BVODs were Big Brother Australia (179,000), Home and Away (139,000) and Gruen Nation (103,000).

Here are the five shows that made the most money from their overnight numbers:

Program Network Total TV % lift
Big Brother Australia Seven 802,000 49
travel guides Nine 1,084,000 25
Gruen Nation ABC 1,013,000 23
MasterChef Australia ten 810,000 22
At home and away Seven 1,001,000 21

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