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Web3 Television Network That’s Old School MTV Meets Adult Swim

As NFTs and Web3 continue to innovate the cultural industries, a new network – NFTV – seeks to bring the power of television creation to the people who benefit from it. Renowned actor and musician Greg Cipes’ project will use a DAO to bring in user content as well as projects from big names in film and TV.

Greg Cipes and the NFTV team seek to empower TV fans through DAO-controlled programming. Credit: Greg Cipes via Instagram

NFTV co-founder Greg Cipes is an entertainment industry veteran

Greg Cipes certainly knows a thing or two about the film and television industry. This is because he has been with the company since childhood. In fact, show business is a family affair. Cipes’ grandparents were actors and his father was a television producer. As a result, Cipes was able to learn the ropes early on.

His long career has earned him over 150 credits as an actor. Of course, most people will know Cipes as the voice of two beloved cartoon characters: Teen Titans’ Beast Boy and Michelangelo on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Now the Cipes is preparing for the launch of NFTV. Cipes launched the project with fellow actor Lukas Haas after first coming to NFTs through the Bright Moments DAO. Cipes first learned about NFTs at the start of Covid-19, when friends told him about the technology. He quickly saw it as a perfect vehicle to empower creative communities and connect with fans.

Indeed, speaking to NFTevening from NFTV, Cipes clarifies the ultimate goal of the project. “NFTV is by the people for the people. The goal is not to make money, although that may come. Instead, Cipes wants to use the power of DAOs to give people more input and control over the content they watch.

NFTV Co-Founder Greg Cipes on the Teen Titans Go Red Carpet
As we can see from his long pinned tweet, the legendary voice actor believes “Cartoons will save the world!” Credit: Greg Cipes

Crypto, cartoons and cannabis: the NFTV mission

Something that Greg Cipes highlights about NFTV is what he calls the three Cs: Crypto, Cannabis & Cartoons. This takes into account three of the passions of Cipes, as well as the philosophy of the future network. Certainly Cipes sees all three industries as having the power to seriously disrupt the world.

As for the type of content that will live on NFTV, Greg Cipes sees NFTV as, “MTV — but when it was cool — meets Adult Swim.” I also call it ADD TV. This speaks to the fast-paced and eclectic mix of abbreviated content that Cipes imagines the DAO greenlight.

In a way, NFTV blends traditional entertainment networks with the user-generated content model that social media platforms have made so popular. Cipes notes that this is intentional and reflects the demographic that NFTV primarily caters to, saying:

“It’s really for the younger generation, Gen Z, to have content coming from a network that’s not run by billionaires and oligarchs.”

Poster for the NFTV show Medical Marijuana MAn
“Medical Marijuana Man” with Will Wheaton is one of NFTV’s first shows.

How will the DAO work?

While NFTV will be built on Ethereum, the current plan is to deliver its content to Twitter and YouTube. Thus, NFTV content will be highly accessible to the public. Similarly, while Cipes acknowledges having a vision of what the platform could be, it assures that “Each step will be decided by the DAO”.

To enable this, the DAO will have a governance model using tokens to distribute votes among members. Additionally, the DAO will also issue airtime tokens for people who watch NFTV content. It is not yet known when the DAO Membership Tokens will be available. In any case, the goal is again to set them at a price that many people can afford.

Admittedly, the road to the launch of NFTV has been difficult. Nonetheless, Cipes explains how the vision of what NFTV could be kept him going. Especially when it was incredibly difficult.

“It was a heavy burden for me to come to NFTV. But every time I thought about quitting, I thought, Well, someone else is going to do it and it won’t be as good! And every time I continued, I saw that the universe liked it.

Overall, like most creators who are early adopters of Web3, Cipes hopes that NFTV will also serve as an example for other creatives to take control of their art and empower their fans. He concludes our interview with advice for all creators looking to find their way in this emerging space.

“My advice for getting started is to get started! Go to the edge of the cliff and jump.

Quotations are condensed and edited for clarity.

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