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WATCH: A look back at Colorado’s most notable TV commercials and personalities

If you grew up in Denver in the early 2000s, you might remember the faces of Shagman, Audra, and Officer Odell on your screen.

Shagman, played by local actor Ron Vigil, was known for his television commercials for used car dealership Rocky’s Auto, alongside his two companions Audra A. Borden and Odell Stroud who also starred in the commercials. After 40 years in business, the Rockies Auto complex has closed, Vigil announced on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

Rocky’s Auto commercials were known to Denver locals for their unusual nature and silly jokes, and were often intentionally produced with a sense of ’90s nostalgia.

“It’s been a distinct honor and privilege to work for an independent company with creative standards truly outside the norm, and I’d like to think I’ve been a big part of that,” Vigil said in a Facebook post. .

As Rocky’s Auto closes, more than 190 longtime Denver residents rally Reddit to reminisce about not only Shaqman, but also their favorite notable TV commercials and local personalities. Here is a list of some of the most well-known local advertisements:

Process Doug’s offers

Who could forget Dealing Doug’s Deals? It’s hard to forget Doug Moreland from his Colorado TV commercials in the mid-2000s featuring Doug in his own superhero costume, ready to give you the lowest deals in town. .or he WILL GIVE you the car.

Shane Co.

Many Denver residents agreed that Shane Co.’s Tom Shane lives rent-free in their minds. Shane Co. commercials were best known not for a specific jingle, but for Tom Shane’s distinctive commercial voice, seemingly perfect for radio advertising.


KBPI Rocks the Rockies commercials were known for their “Remarkable Mouth”, performed by Kelly Harmon, a blonde woman who lip-synced to popular rock songs followed by their iconic popular catchphrase “KBPI Rocks the Rockies”. KBPI is still airing on 107.9FM.

James Jabs American Furniture Warehouse

These commercials were best known for Jabs sitting on the various sofa sets cuddling and playing with wild animals such as chimpanzees and tigers with cheerful music playing in the background.

Which 90s ad do you think is the most memorable?

tree farm

Although there is no official video for the jingle, residents of Denver have agreed that it is far and away one of Tree Farm Colorado’s most iconic and unforgettable jingles. This version was found so that the people of Denver could “go wild”.