TV, tonight’s programs: on Raiuno “Don’t leave me”

The fiction with Vittoria Puccini ends on the flagship network Rai, but the alternatives are not lacking in the calendar

Do you want to start the week in complete relaxation and want to know what TV programs are broadcast? At Raiuno fiction ends”Do not leave me“With Vittoria Puccini, while Channel 5 continues the appointment with theBig Brother VIP“. Those who want to deepen their knowledge can follow »Freedom – Beyond the Border” to Italy A.

What to watch on TV tonight: programs not to be missed on January 31

The programs of the main free and pay channels in prime time: here is what to watch on TV.

Rai1 – 9:20 p.m. Don’t leave me FICTION

Last appointment with fiction with Vittoria Puccini, Alessandro Roja and Sarah Felberbaum. In the first episode, Elena miraculously survived the accident, while Daniele and his men discover where Andrea, Angelo’s jailer, has taken refuge. The man is in Milan and the team is looking for him. In the second episode, Elena and Daniele piece together the history of abuse in the orphanage through their testimonies. The suspicion is that the pedophiles of yesterday are the same ones who act today through the network.

Rai2 – 9:20 p.m. Crimes in Paradise TV SERIES

Series set on the Caribbean island of Sainte-Marie, where British policeman Richard Poole is sent to solve a mysterious murder case. In the first episode, the bachelor party organized by four young men ends in tragedy when the owner of the boat rented for a fishing trip is found dead. Parker investigates. In the second episode, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics is found dead. A friend of the victim confesses to the murder.

Rai3 – 9:20 p.m. NEWS report

Last appointment with the investigative program led by Sigfrido Ranucci. We are again talking about the Covid “watchful waiting” protocol put in place by the Ministry of Defense and now at the center of a legal dispute. An alternative has been tested for months at the Mario Negri Institute in Milan. A large space will then be devoted to the figure of Silvio Berlusconi thanks also to the testimony of Noemi Letizia, who in the past had a close relationship with the former Prime Minister.

Rete4 – 9:20 p.m. NEWS from the Fourth Republic’

Giorgia Melon will be the guest of Nicholas Porro in the first episode after the re-election of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. Several topics under discussion: repercussions on the activity of the Draghi government, the dear bills, the de facto confinement of certain activities and the inconveniences that families and businesses are still forced to face, exactly two years after the declaration of the state of emergency for Covid. the face to face by Porro will be with Nicola MaccanicoCEO of Cinecittà SpA

Canale5 – 9:20 p.m. Grande Fratello Vip REALITY

New appointment with the reality TV show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, flanked by Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe as commentators. In this episode, in all likelihood, Gianmaria Antinolfi should announce his farewell to the program. The televote ended up being Soleil Sorge, Delia Duran and Giucas Casella. The contestants think that one of them will be eliminated from the game for good, when in reality he will be able to advance to the final earlier.

Italy1 p.m. – 9.20 p.m. Freedom – Beyond Borders DOCUMENTS

Roberto Giacobbo and his team follow in the footsteps of the Rosicrucians in Portugal, they discover mummies with Zahi Hawass in Egypt, tunnels in Sicily, karmic loves in Rome, they visit the Automobile Museum in Turin and explain the Impostor Syndrome. A stop at Villa Farnesina is planned to document the frescoes in Raffaello of the Lodge of Cupid and Psyche. An extraordinary starting point to talk about it karmic loves. Can fate, in love, affect our choices?

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The events not to be missed on Sky: the most interesting programs

At 9:15 p.m. on the Sky series a new episode of “fantasy island”, a series that takes place in a luxury resort, where literally any fantasy asked for by the guests is realized, even if they rarely turn out as planned.

Sky programs for movie lovers

At 9:15 p.m. on first TV “Marilyn has black eyes“, aired at 9:15 p.m. on Sky Cinema Uno, with Miriam Leone, Stefano Accorsi, Thomas Trabacchi, Mario Pirrello, Orietta Notari. The protagonist of the story is Clara, so good at lying that she is the first to believe her own lies. Her husband Diego, on the other hand, is her exact opposite and does not know her true nature.

Guaranteed emotions for those who decide to follow “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, broadcast at 9 p.m. on Sky Cinema Romance (channel 307) with Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett. The protagonist of the story is Julianne, who realizes shortly before her best friend’s wedding that she is in love with him.

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