Tv commercials

This is one of the scariest TV commercials ever made.

The world of advertising has attracted many great cinematic minds. People like David Lynch, David Fincher and Darren Aronofsky created short films for brands. However, when it comes to brief horror filmsthis Japanese commercial is one of the most effective, at least in terms of scares.

The clip is simple: a car is driving down a country road, when suddenly a woman is caught in the headlights. The driver stops, discussing the person in the middle of the road with the passenger. Then suddenly: BANG, his face, partially scared on one side, rushes towards the screen.

They quickly begin to reverse and the ad ends, before the woman holding a laptop asks a question. These events, while frightening, are not completely unexpected as the ad is preloaded with a warning that this video is “not for the faint of heart”. However, nothing can quite prepare you for such an effective scare, and one that doesn’t seem to have much context behind it.

What was announced here, you ask? We let you watch the clip first, then we tell you.

Ready? Motorway tires. No, seriously, it’s for a tire company. Watch as the car smoothly pulls in and backs out! These are quality automotive supplements. Unfortunately, as this is an advertisement, there is no further information on who made this, a typical feature in the industry.

The woman seems to derive from the legend of Kuchisake-onna, a Japanese myth about a woman whose mouth is wider. If seen, she questions her victims about her beauty, and depending on their answer, she either kills or maims them. Grumpy, huh? Luckily the guys in this quick ghost movie go away.

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