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The good news, no more YouTube TV ads on new Roku TVs

The bad news? No YouTube TV on new TVs!

Roku has been having trouble with YouTube for a while now, and surprisingly, it’s not about the money. Roku doesn’t take any cuts from YouTube ad revenue, Google gets 100% of the money, so cutting off the growth of that revenue stream seems like a weird move, nevertheless that’s what Google decided.

If you are currently paying for a YouTube TV subscription, you will be able to continue using it on your Roku device, the only wise move in this news considering the cost of said subscription. However, if you haven’t already set it up or are upgrading to a new TV, starting December 9, the YouTube TV app won’t appear on the list of installable apps for at least the next five months.

It seems that Google isn’t looking for money, but for preferential treatment from Roku; more than other similar online TV providers. Google wants to make a YouTube TV search bar appear on the Roku Smart TV interface, which even Disney hasn’t asked for. Roku’s statement also suggests that Google would like even more preferential treatment, although what that entails was not specified.

You’ll still be able to get the old YouTube after that, but who knows if the changes to this app are on Google’s wishlist.