Surge Licensing to create merchandising programs for WEBTOON content in North America

WEBTOONthe world’s largest digital comics platform, has appointed a brand management company Surge Permit as the exclusive North American licensing agent for the Platform. Genuine Entertainment’s Joe LeFavi has been instrumental in developing the partnership and will continue to work with WEBTOON and Surge as a strategic advisor in this endeavor.

Surge Licensing was retained to develop a global brand licensing strategy for WEBTOON as well as licensing and merchandise programs in North America for the platform’s individual original intellectual property. Surge Licensing will expand WEBTOON’s licensing and merchandising business, developing franchises in categories including apparel, fashion collaborations, toys, tabletop games, promotions and more. Among WEBTOON’s existing merchandising works is a capsule collection for Lore Olympusavailable on Hot Topic.

WEBTOON is the global leader in digital comics, where some of the world’s biggest comic book creators and series have built huge global fandoms. The company has redefined comics for Gen Z and the digital age, with 82 million monthly active users worldwide and 15 million users in the United States. With 1.3 million titles and 10.5 billion monthly page views worldwide, WEBTOON welcomes a new generation of comic book creators and fans.

WEBTOON is home to a range of diverse comic genres and styles, with epic sagas, manga, manhwa, and daily comics across all genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and comics. ‘horror. Among WEBTOON’s most exciting creators is Rachel Smythe, whose hit Lore Olympus has over 1.2 billion views worldwide and 5.7 million subscribers on WEBTOON. The digital comic became one of the New York Times’ best-selling graphic novels of fall 2021 and is being developed as an animated series by Wattpad WEBTOON Studios and the Jim Henson Company. The modern tale of the relationship between the Greek goddess and god Persephone and Hades won a Harvey Award and received nominations for an Eisner Award and a Ringo Award.

A growing number of WEBTOON digital comics have gained widespread notoriety through live-action and animated television adaptations, including the 2022 zombie apocalypse series All of Us are Dead, which reached No. 1 on Netflix during its launch in January 2022 and spent 11 weeks in the Global Streamer Top 10 (non-English series); the apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home, which has had over 1.3 billion views on WEBTOON and was released on Netflix in December 2020; the global romantic comedy phenomenon True Beauty, which was adapted into a popular drama in 2021, and will be released as a WEBTOON Unscrolled graphic novel in 2022; and popular anime adaptations such as Tower of God, Noblesse, and The God of High School.

“We’re bringing comics to a new generation of readers around the world,” said Eugene Kim, Business Development Manager at WEBTOON. “WEBTOON comics and creators already have huge global fandoms, so it’s time to start giving fans new, new and unique ways to celebrate the comics they love. We’re excited to begin our partnership with Surge Licensing to create memorable experiences beyond our platform.

“As WEBTOON is the #1 comic book entertainment app in the world with massive engagement and awareness, the possibilities for creating dynamic branded programs for their home IP are endless,” commented Elan Freedman, Executive Vice President of Surge Licensing. “In the United States alone, WEBTOON boasts over 15 million monthly users, which is huge with significant room for growth. We look forward to showcasing the WEBTOON brand and its core titles to potential partners at the upcoming Licensing Expo.

Genuine Entertainment’s Joe LeFavi said, “WEBTOON has redefined the way creators and fans can share and celebrate their favorite stories with global audiences. Boasting one of the biggest fandoms and a veritable treasure trove of intellectual property, this is a huge opportunity to create meaningful programs and give this inclusive community more ways to engage with content and creators. that they know and love. And since Surge has championed comic book creators since the first time TMNT went from comic book racks to riches… suffice it to say, they were the perfect fit for the job.