Streaming a savior for reality TV programs

Thank goodness for streaming and catching up, because not many people tune in to expensive commercial network reality shows when they air.

Ed Kavalee, Tom Gleisner and Sam Pang in Did You Pay Attention? (Picture: Ten)

It made for a weak night when expensive reality shows were weak. Big brother on Sept — 473,000; Celebrity Apprentice out of Nine — 539,000; MasterChef Australia on Ten averaged 756,000 and helped Did you pay attention? to 880,000. Between these two broadcasts, Ten’s main channel rose from Seven to second place nationally behind Nine (which was helped by the news and A Ongoing cases good projections). Seven slipped despite another good night for 6-7 p.m. news time and At home and away from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Big brother will again do well in catch-up and streaming – last Monday night’s viewership jumped 48%. In the same way, Celebrity Apprentice recorded a gain of 34%, Chef a gain of 20% and Did you pay attention? a 27% gain, which took viewership overnight from 867,000 to 1.105 million.

Chef was still ahead Celebrity Apprentice and Big brother the total number of viewers after streaming and catch-up viewing. Catching up and streaming helps a weak Big brother looks better, but the boost to Chef is much more important.

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