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Streamfire is preparing to launch a free user-generated television network

Connected & Smart TV is by far the most popular device for watching online videos. However, user-generated content has virtually no representation on TV, as traditional streaming services have not included creators in their programming.

Streamfire changes everything with TV channels full of user-generated content. For each channel, Streamfire partners with the most talented creators as well as the most knowledgeable leaders in their respective niche.

Currently, the Streamfire launch will include five free-to-air TV channels: Paragliding TV, Duck Hunting TV, The Cycling Channel, Motorbikes & Engines, and Big City TV.

For content creators, Streamfire opens up entirely new forms of distribution. Bandarra, the content creators of Paragliding TV, say Streamfire allows them to reach a whole new segment of viewers. Another content creator from Streamfire, Elliot Snider (Founder of Freelance Duck Hunting; Creator on Duck Hunting TV), says: With Streamfire, we achieve a viewing experience far superior to any video sharing platform. In fact, the average retention time on Streamfire is seven times that.

As Streamfire TV grows, its goal is “to provide a voice on television for anyone with a passion and talent for producing great video,” said Niklas TrenklerCEO of Streamfire, continuing: “We want to broadcast a free TV channel for all interests with the best possible creator content”.

Streamfire is available for free on ROKU as the Streamfire channel, or through their website at for viewing on any device. The service plans to further expand its distribution reach during this year.

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