Spearfish Schools Expand Education Programs

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) – This has been a major topic over the past year. Many businesses are experiencing labor shortages.

Two schools in Spearfish are planning to expand their education programs to help address these issues.

The Spearfish School District aims to expand its Vocational Technical Education Center at its high school. The institution is looking to add a wider variety of courses that students can take. When seeking to expand education, Kirk Easton, the Superintendent of Spearfish School District says they have focused on regional and student needs, medical science being one of them. The focus of this new program will be to provide a medical simulation lab, job shadowing, health speakers and to better expose students to what is available.

“Are we where we want to be? Absolutely not. So, as I tell my admin, we run with our low, we run with our high and always look to improve no matter what. We review the academic goals every year and seek to improve them,” Easton said.

Black Hills State University’s goal is to enroll approximately 500 freshmen each year. This year, approximately 481 attended the University. Aiming to attract more freshmen, the school is looking to expand and modernize some of its facilities. One of the benefits of expanding these facilities is that they will create more jobs at Spearfish. These jobs include construction, retail, restaurants, daycares and banking.

Laurie Nichols, president of Black Hills State University, talks about the university’s contribution to the state of South Dakota and the importance of the school.

“Black Hills State has approximately 11,000 alumni who live and work in South Dakota. Approximately 60% of our alumni remain in our state to live and work, and the impact and wages earned on the economy over a 40-year career is approximately $26.6 billion for Dakota. from South. Nichols explained.

Adding to the importance of creating more jobs at Spearfish, the University is looking to add a new wing to the West River Health Science Center. This project is expected to cost $15.1 million. The expansion of the health center will bring in more nurses to make up for a shortage of nurses.