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Always just sitting there minding business, watching TV, when — Bam! — get hit with an ad featuring an awesome song you’ve never heard before that you love, love, love? Just because it’s new to you, don’t assume the song was written and performed purely for publicity. Because my favorite genre of music apparently matches that of Madison Avenue advertising executives, a lot of those tracks are already on my iPod. So look no further, here are the songs that interest you.


You know that ad where everyone is having a blast at a party you wish you were invited to? You see a beautiful blonde with a helium-inspired voice leading the festivities and suddenly you crave a cold one. That, my friends, is successful publicity. The song is “The Golden Age”, and the singer is Mette Lindberg, who leads The Astroid Galaxy Tour, a Danish alternative pop band. Here is the excerpt:

2. Captain Morgan

These guys are awesome! They not only selected primo tracks to support each of their commercials, but they managed to create a series of small episodes that convey a cool image led by a cool character that men want to be like and women want to be with.

This ad is called “Glass” and is set in Santo Domingo in 1661. The featured song is “Ball and Biscuit”, by The White Stripes:

3. Captain Morgan

The captain keeps coming towards us. “Ride Home” is set in Hispaniola in 1661, presumably a big year for the pirate hijinx. The background music is a 1977 Iggy Pop song titled “The Passenger”.

4. JC Penney

Regina Spektor is one of the most talented and entertaining singers and musicians on the planet today. So JC Penney played it right when they put an ad on his quirky “Music Box” from 2006:

5. Traveler’s insurance

Traveler’s has a bunch of cute commercials featuring canine actors, all set to great music. “Trouble,” by Ray LaMontagne, provides the soundtrack to “Prized Possession,” the ad about a scruffy dog ​​trying to find the safest hiding place for his bone.

6. Insurance

The catchy guitar instrumental featured in Esurance’s “Trust” commercials is an alum Chet Atkins called “Jam Man”:

7. City

You know that ad where the woman says her boyfriend wanted to buy her a ‘boulder’, but she opted for a different type of boulder instead and found herself precariously poised on top of a rock formation, about 25 miles above dry land? Well, I scoured the internet and couldn’t find an official Citi version of the announcement, so here’s the official song from the band’s YouTube channel instead — “Into the Wild” by LP:

These are currently my 7 favorites. Add yours in the comments section below.