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Sidharth TV Network awards sales mandate to Whitepixel and GapBox

Mumbai: Oriya entertainment Group Sidharth TV Network has commissioned Whitepixel and GapBox to manage its sales operations. Founded by Namita Agrawalla and Sitaram Agrawalla, Sidharth TV has four channels namely Sidharth TV (GEC), Sidharth Bhakti (devotional) Sidharth Gold (movie), Jay Jaganath (niche channel on Lord Jaganath).

Sidharth TV has been around for nearly four decades, bringing a range of premium entertainment content to viewers across all formats and genres, including reality shows, dramas, events, comedy, game shows, shows dance and more. It was founded by Namita Agrawal, a renowned playback singer and a household name across Odisha, and her husband Sitaram Agrawalla who has been a household name in the entertainment industry across TV, FM, music and movies. The channel was later sold to Zee TV Group after which it became Sarthak TV. After a takeover last year, Sidharth TV Network has returned to the field with the Sidharth TV platform in digital and now in satellite.

Odisha is a rapidly growing market for entertainment, music and devotional content, with an estimated audience of over 45 million people. The state’s entertainment preferences are dominated by its rich musical and religious past. Devotional programs, talent hunt shows, and soap operas that portray the cultural aspect are among the most demanded genres.

“We have been in the business of creating artistic and engaging content for Odia audiences for almost four decades now. We previously established Sarthak TV which became a household name and was later acquired by Zee TV,” explains Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra, Operations Manager of Sidharth TV Network.

“We have also established a strong presence in digital entertainment with 23 YouTube channels across devotional, music, entertainment and other popular verticals with a combined number of 22 million subscribers. With Sidharth TV, Sidharth Gold and Sidharth Bhakti, we aim to bring the best in entertainment, cinema and devotional content to Odia viewers. We have outsourced our sales functions to Whitepixel and GapBox and look forward to utilizing their expertise,” he adds.

Whitepixel co-founder Abdul Aziz points out, “Sidharth TV, Sidharth Gold and Sidharth Bhakti are platforms that have created a huge bank of premium Odia content across all genres. They offer some of the best entertainment shows, TV serials, music and devotional programs illustrating the main features of Odia’s culture and heritage. We are keen to leverage our sales, marketing, and media advertising to deliver this content to all viewers in the state and beyond.

“Whether it’s hugely popular series such as ‘Mangula Kanya’ and ‘Aparajita’, or reality shows such as ‘Sampurna Laxmi’ (based on the deep-rooted traditions of Orissa), the show talent hunt reality show ‘Tike dance tike acting’ judged by three movie stars, or the upcoming singing reality show ‘Odisha nua Swara Junior’, we as a channel spare no effort to delight viewers We understand the pulse of the market and consumer sentiment very well,” says Rabindranath Padhy, Head of Sales at Sidharth TV Network.

Sidharth Gold offers over 100 classic odia films as well as over 300 jatras (Odia street palys), and Sidharth Bhakti channel offers 20 new devotional shows delivering a daily dose of spirituality and devotion to the masses.

“As the leading branded content/infomercials (DRTV) agency in India, we have been successful in connecting brands and communities. We believe in building modern brands that foster a rich cultural heritage. This is where Sidharth TV emerges as an ideal partner,” shares GapBox founder Srinivas. “They have built a network that is based on Odisha’s rich cultural heritage, practices and depth of devotion. The network also caters to all the popular entertainment genres in vogue among audiences today. It is a joy to work with such a beloved brand and bring about a transformation in the Odia language entertainment industry, and we look forward to a long-term association with them.