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Sharifah Hardie, CEO of IT TV Network, launches the Black Guest List – a new platform connecting black voices of authority with media opportunities

Black Guest List is a recently launched platform that provides media with immediate access to Black influencers, opinion leaders, politicians, professionals, authors, artists and entertainers interested in seeking media opportunities.

Historically, it has been difficult for hosts to find people from diverse backgrounds to interview. Black Guest List makes it easy to find those guests by creating a comprehensive, searchable database of potential guests and providing a space for black people around the world to tell their stories.

Radio hosts, podcast producers, and TV show bookers can use the website’s well-designed interface to find expert guests for interviews. With so many radio show hosts, podcast producers, online radio show producers, satellite radio producers and television program programmers looking for new interview guests every week , it can be difficult to book a suitable one in time. Now, Black Guest List will make their life easier.

Whether the media needs a black comedian, doctor, teacher, athlete, or educator – Black Guest List is the ultimate black media source for anyone looking to invite guests for an awesome enlightening interview.

“We’re not just looking to make a list of black people. Our goal is to provide access to media opportunities of which qualified guests would otherwise be unaware, to increase representation of Black people in the media and to bring their distinct perspectives to the fore,” said Charifah Hardie founder and CEO of IT TV Network & Black Guest List.

She adds, “We want Black Guest List to be the go-to platform for branded black people to find interviews on podcasts, TV shows, print publications and radio shows. We want to make it easier for anyone with a microphone to find a compelling guest without having to go through intermediaries – and help guests be recognized for their hard work and expertise!

Hosts can easily explore available guests for their shows, and media can submit opportunities and requirements.

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