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Republicans spend millions on TV ads for a semester, but why isn’t Trump? – Bolly inside

WASHINGTON, Sept 21 (Reuters) – Fundraising groups affiliated with Republican Party leaders are sharply increasing campaign ad spending to help the party win control of Congress in November. 8 general elections.

But not Donald Trump’s Save America, the PAC fundraising group that under US election law can fund the former Republican president’s political allies and his frequent rallies, but none of his own election campaigns.

Despite raising more than $90 million in PAC — an unprecedented amount for a former leader — the Trump Group has yet to report any ad spending in support of Republican candidates, according to a disclosure filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission.

Although Trump is not required to use Save America’s cash pile for publicity, his failure to join the Republican spending spree has fueled speculation that he is sticking to it to help fund a possible race. in the White House in 2024, although Save America could not legally fund his campaign.

A Save America spokesperson gave no indication that PAC planned to increase spending, as its Republican brethren did, and said the real value did not lie in PAC’s massive war chest. , but in Trump himself.

“Its rallies, which are the most potent political weapon in American politics, attract new voters and the invaluable media attention that drives candidates to victory,” said Save America spokesperson Taylor Budowich.

Republican and Democratic fundraising groups known as PAC and Super PAC, which can spend unlimited amounts to support the campaign as long as they don’t coordinate spending with candidates, have saturated US radio airwaves in recent years. weeks with TV ads, widely viewed by both parties. as the main communication tools. Read more

Two Republican Super PACs tied to its congressional leadership and its two top congressional PACs have allocated more than $105 million in political advertising since August. 20, according to Reuters analysis of their disclosures to the FEC. That’s more than double the reported spending this year through August. twenty.

Of course, Trump Save America’s PAC spent the money halfway through its term: nearly $9 million in rallies with candidates at which Trump repeatedly hinted that he might to run again for the presidency; and a similar amount from direct contributions to allied groups and more than 200 Trump-backed candidates.

But that only slightly affected Save America’s war chest, and some of the biggest expenses in the US election have been expensive television ads designed to lure voters, especially in the final weeks before Election Day. .


The New York Times reported earlier this month that a federal grand jury in Washington was seeking information about the creation and spending of Save America. Officials did not confirm the media reports because grand juries generally operate in secret. Budowich declined to comment on the reports.

In the first half of the year, Save America raised nearly one-fifth of funds raised through WinRed, Republican’s premier online fundraising platform.

Save America regularly sends out emails to its subscribers announcing them “Patriots of the Month” – or chastising them for not contributing yet. For donors donating at least $45, some emails offer an “epic” T-shirt adorned with dozens of photos of the former leader.

“Trump’s PAC could be used to flood the area with messages supporting pro-Trump Republican candidates, but with each passing week, more and more voters have already made up their minds,” said research director Michael Beckell. of Issue One, without a party. a group that advocates campaign finance reform.

Over the summer, Trump advisers unveiled several spending plans for Save America, calling on the organization to display ads to support candidates and provide staff in key election matchups, according to two people familiar with the plans. but who asked to remain anonymous because they are not. authorized to speak publicly.

At least one of the plans required television ads that would support Trump-backed candidates but largely involve Trump and his political movement, two said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t run an ad to support a candidate in the election cycle,” said a person familiar with Save America’s planning.

Recording report by Jason Lange and Jarrett Renshaw, editing by Ross Colvin and Alistair Bell

Source: Reuters Trust Principles.