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There are fears for the safety of a Russian TV news producer who ambushed a live bulletin protesting the war in Ukraine

Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor and producer for a Russian television channel, ambushed a live news bulletin on Monday with a sign protesting the war in neighboring Ukraine.

Under new laws in Russia, it is illegal to protest the war in Ukraine, and those who speak out against the Kremlin face up to 15 years in prison.

The Russian government continues to spread propaganda in its own country, declaring the war in Ukraine a “special military operation” – and should be called that.

Social media has called the journalist ‘brave and brave’ – but there are growing concerns for her safety after she was arrested at the news station she works for.

Ovsyannikova is a producer at a Russian television channel.

Ovsyannikova, is editor-in-chief of Channel One Russia. Before crashing into the studio and going live, she recorded a video message in which she condemned the war in Ukraine.

She said she was ashamed to work for a news network that was forced by Vladimir Putin and his government to spread propaganda all over Russia and lie about the truth.

She says her father is Ukrainian and her mother is Russian, and ‘they were never enemies’

The producer said her work lately has been nothing but propaganda at the behest of the Kremlin and as a result it has left her “ashamed”.

“Ashamed to have lied on TV, ashamed to have allowed the brainwashing of the Russian people”

She said in a statement.

Ovsyannikova urged everyone in Russia to attend the protests and shed light on Putin’s aggressive behavior in Ukraine.

The scene during the arrest of the producer

The scene in Moscow outside the TV station where police initially detained and presumably interrogated Marina Ovsyannikova was dark, cold and gloomy according to reporters in Moscow.

Ticker NEWS understands that Ovsyannikova has now been taken to the police station and faces serious charges.

Human rights lawyers as well as people on social media, however, fear for her safety above all else, with many saying she could face brutal torture as punishment for embarrassing the Kremlin on TV. live.

Ovsyannikova has not been seen since her arrest.