Pritzker Explains Goals of Expanding Health Care College Programs | Top stories

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) — Governor Pritzker was in Springfield at Lincoln Land College on Tuesday to outline more details about a program to extend higher education to those who want to join the healthcare industry. This is part of its annual budget proposal.

He offers to donate $25 million to PATH, which is Pipeline for advancing the healthcare workforce. This will not only include tuition assistance, but also food stamps, transportation assistance and career advice. Several current nursing students shared stories of how they got involved in nursing.

“My husband is disabled and I have breadwinner,” said Lisa Carter, a nursing student at Lincoln Land Community College.

“When the company I worked for firm a few years ago I had to start from scratch,” Carter said. Thanks to the help through the State, she was able to obtain this diploma.

“I’ve found even someone my age was being able to get help to go to college through MAP grants…it helps to have dreams like mine to become a reality,” Carter said. Governor Pritzker says it will help keep more jobs in the state.

“We’re finally making it more affordable for students across Illinois to graduate right here Illinoisand our future is brighter than ever because of it,” Pritzker said. The Illinois Workforce Equity Initiative has already helped community colleges across the state.

“Lincoln Land is a premier hub for our Illinois workforce equity initiative, which since its inception has enrolled more than 5,000 students in high-demand training programs across the state,” Pritzker said.

Other lawmakers were on hand to share their support.

“Families change because of our community colleges,” said Decatur Democratic Rep. Doris Turner.

“When so many students who are often noir and Brown are unable to continue their education due to financial barriers, investing in their future is a matter of fairness,” said High School Governor Juliana Stratton.