Press officer talks about various entertainment programs for Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2022 fans (INTERVIEW)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 15. Exclusive Trend interview with Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix press officer Turab Teymurov.

How many more years will the race bring joy to Baku fans and what does holding the race in general bring to Azerbaijan?

– As you know, there are two months left before the start of the race. The Baku City Circuit company is doing a great job of organizing. The term of the contract for the organization of the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix is ​​until 2024. Azerbaijan has been hosting prestigious international sporting events for many years. The main objective is to promote our country to the world and attract tourists, which ultimately contributes to various sectors of our country’s economy. According to the results of independent research conducted by the international audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the first four races brought in a total of $506.3 million to the Azerbaijani economy. These are mainly the tourism, hotel and transport sectors. This also includes the development of sectors such as catering, social and cultural services, post and telecommunications, the construction sector and other areas. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has crippled the global economy. We are confident that in the coming years, this year as well, the benefits of holding the Grand Prix for our country will increase.

What is the status of construction and installation work for the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

– As you know, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan is taking place for the sixth time. The races will take place from June 10 to June 12. The Baku City Circuit company has started construction and installation work in the territories where the race track has been running since the night of April 15. The installation of concrete blocks will be carried out at night in order to ensure the safety of citizens. The construction and installation work begins at the intersection of Khagani Street and Bulbul Avenue and will cover the entire race track. Unlike last year, this year it will be possible to watch the race live, and the installation of stands for spectators is already beginning on the territory of Baku Boulevard. The infrastructure and land development works of the paddock (enclosed space behind the pits in which the teams keep their transporters and motorhomes) will also begin. Since these works are ongoing in these parts of the city, we ask citizens to be more careful while driving and Baku City Circuit thanks citizens in advance for their understanding.

How far along is the ticket sales process and how many tickets have already been sold? In which countries do people buy their Azerbaijan Grand Prix tickets the most?

– Ticket sales started more than a month ago. At the moment, there are tickets for all stands on sale and fan interest in them is quite high. The cost of tickets for the 2022 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix for local fans ranges between 90-970 manats ($53-$570). Fans can purchase tickets at the website, as well as at the Baku box office in Azerbaijan. We are seeing great interest from local fans, as well as interest from foreign fans, which makes us very happy. Currently, Azerbaijan, the United States and the United Kingdom are among the top three countries from which tickets are purchased. In addition, fans from Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, France, Norway and other countries are also buying tickets. Tickets with a discount of 20-25% are offered to Azerbaijani citizens and foreigners who hold a temporary residence permit in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

– How many spectators who bought tickets for the 2020 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix changed them for this year’s competition?

– Fans have the option to change tickets for the 2022 race due to the postponement of the 2020 race. They have been notified via text and email. Fans can contact the help desk (*6003) for tickets and detailed race information.

What will be included in the entertainment program for the public? What changes will take place in this year’s race program compared to the previous race?

– Competitions were held without spectators last year and fans will be able to watch the race live this year. Evening concerts are not planned in connection with the pandemic and in order to ensure the safety of citizens, however, interesting entertainment programs will be organized. Everyone (adults and children) will be able to enjoy the animation programs within three days. This year is the busiest season in F1 history, with 23 races on the schedule, including the Miami race, which is taking place for the first time. I believe that representing our city in the list of Formula 1 cities is a great success for our country.

Fans will have to abide by quarantine rules in force in Azerbaijan, which were previously relaxed.

Which TV channel will broadcast the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2022?

– This issue is under discussion and information about it will be disseminated. Fans will also be able to watch on a number of leading sports television channels around the world the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as well as other Formula 1 races. is about 1.5 billion people. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix has overtaken the Monaco Grand Prix to become the most-watched race in the United States for the past two seasons.