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Participating Media Shuts Down Cable Network Kingpin, Series’ Future In Question – Deadline

Participant Media is closing its cable television network Pivot, after a reassessment of its core business. Pivot TV was launched in 2013. Parcipant CEO David Linde said, “As the media landscape changes, we are evaluating how we are fulfilling our mission to entertain and inspire social action around the most pressing issues. in the world. This process led us to make the decision to no longer own and operate a cable network. While this conclusion was not easy, it is ultimately in the best interest of all of our stakeholders and allows us to allocate more resources to producing compelling content across all platforms.

This decision calls into question what will happen to please love methe coming-of-age comedy by Josh Thomas from Australia, which was just greenlit in July for season 4. When asked if it would be picked up elsewhere, a spokeswoman for the company had no comment.

The participant cited the growing competitive environment and “the wave of consolidation” among cable television distributors as another reason for his exit from owning and operating a cable television network, which makes obviously referring to the recent $4.4 billion acquisition of Starz by Lionsgate.

They said these factors have driven up the cost of programming, and they have seen “consumer and advertisers continue to migrate toward online video and away from traditional linear video”.

Further in a statement from the company, they say: “At the same time, demand for high-quality content has continued to grow as consumers spend more and more time watching content at home, work and on the go.”