News about wrestlers featured on AEW programs since ROH acquisition

Wrestlenomics shared some interesting numbers over the weekend regarding AEW television since Ring Of Honor was acquired by Tony Khan. More unique wrestlers have been featured on both Dynamite and Rampage since Khan bought ROH.

Khan bought ROH in March and his first show for the promotion was Supercard of Honor XV. This event took place about a month later, during WrestleMania week in April. As shown by Wrestlenomics statistics, the number of unique wrestlers featured on 32 episodes of AEW Dynamite before Supercard of Honor XV was 131. The number of unique wrestlers featured on 32 episodes of Dynamite after was 147.

Meanwhile, Rampage’s 32 episodes before Supercard of Honor XV featured 118 unique wrestlers. Comparatively, 32 episodes of Rampage after Supercard of Honor took place with 145 unique wrestlers.

Since Tony Khan’s purchase of ROH, AEW began offering both ROH matches, angles, and titles on AEW programming. The next Ring of Honor event is Final Battle 2022. The event is scheduled for December 10 at College Park Center in Dallas, Texas. It will be broadcast live on pay-per-view.

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