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New TV network is riding the ‘cord-cutting wave’ to bring free, quality TV to millions

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People of all ages and interests now enjoy diverse multi-channel programming without having to incur cable subscription fees.

“Free, quality television is back. No more spending hundreds a month searching for news, sports and entertainment. »

—David Zucker of David Zucker Productions

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, Jan. 6, 2022 / — Across America and beyond, countless people are “cutting the cord” due to the high cost of cable and rediscovering joys of free television, thanks to a pioneering brand new television network streaming provider.

As households are hit hard by rising costs and cable subscriptions become increasingly expensive, millions are ready to “cut the cord” and relive the “good old” days of free-to-air networks. television. Maybacks Global & Showfer Media are making this transition possible by making first-class entertainment readily available for free, connecting with as many communities as possible.

Viewers can enjoy a comprehensive and growing set of diverse family entertainment channels that prioritize quality. The Maybacks Global & Showfer networks include channels dedicated to sports, movies, sci-fi, westerns, kids’ shows… and much more.

All network channels are accessible free of charge via Smart TV applications or received directly by a small TV antenna. As a result, connecting millions of people who can listen to wonderful programming without having to pay through their nose.

David Zucker of David Zucker Productions, spearheading rebroadcasting for many station owners and creating this pioneering new broadcaster. He says:

“Free, quality television is back. No more spending hundreds a month searching for news, sports and entertainment. Maybacks and Showfer connect millions of viewers to programming that meets their demands, around the clock, plus innovative sports coverage, auto racing, branded fashion shows, and more, all broadcast directly to your living room. It’s a revolution! Stay connected, join us and how people love TV in the 21st century, take charge of your destiny, follow the pioneers and rebranding of free TV!

The secret to the networks’ success is working in partnership with television broadcasters such as the New York Spectrum Holding Company, as well as broadcast technology specialists such as Antennas Direct. The results are revolutionary. New entertainment packages featuring multiple targeted channel programming, giving millions of people free access to the kind of TV they’ll love.

The networks are now accessible across America, from New York to Los Angeles. However, this is only the beginning. Maybacks Global & Showfer Media are pioneering partnerships in Asia that extend its reach globally. This new era of free quality TV is just beginning to keep people connected to the news and shows they want to see. Make America better and — help people help themselves —

About the Company: Maybacks Global & Showfer Media is a specialty broadcaster founded by veterans with decades of industry experience. The company leverages technological change and superb content curation to deliver a unique and inspiring entertainment experience for everyone. For more information, contact:

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