Netflix’s picks for royal movies and TV shows are listed below

Netflix’s picks for royal movies and TV shows are listed below

  • Queen Elizabeth II died at Buckingham Palace in Scotland on September 8, 2022, aged 96.
  • The royal family, as well as the whole world, mourns the loss of her majesty. The monarch left her legacy.

The world’s largest streaming service, Netflix, offers a selection of programs and films centering on the Royal Family, the King and Queen, related conspiracies and the untold stories of their lives.

Here is a list of Netflix shows and movies related to the monarchy:

1. The Crown

The queen’s stormy life is at the center of The Crown; every facet of his life since his accession to the throne is shown. The challenges Queen Elizabeth II, Charles and Diana faced in their marriage and their uncomfortable relationship with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher are the focus of the show’s final season.

For those who do not know, the production of this show has been interrupted following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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2. The Royal House of Windsor

This is a documentary series that chronicles the life of the royal family after World War I, including King George V’s efforts to save the monarchy, the abdication of King Edward VIII, and other significant moments.

3. Diana: The Musical

Diana is the subject of the musical, which depicts the trials and tribulations she faced after meeting and marrying Prince Charles.

4. The Windsors

The British sitcom The Windsors pokes fun at the British royal family. Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cornwall lookalikes are turned into caricatures in this satirical drama. Although entirely made up, the stories are based on real events.

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5.The King’s Speech

This Oscar-winning film is based on the life of the Queen’s father, King George VI, who overcame his stuttering problem with the help of a therapist who later became a friend. It also depicts his struggles as a family man who never imagined becoming king during World War II.

6.Secrets of Great British Castles

Dan Jones is the producer of the British history documentary series Secrets of Great British Castles, which highlights some of the most spectacular castles and their illustrious residents. There is an exploration of castles including the Tower of London, Caernarfon Castle and Warwick Castle. For those who love history and tradition, this documentary is undoubtedly a treat.

7. The Queen

The film, released in 2006, shows how Queen Elizabeth struggles to cope with the series of unforeseen events that follow the death of Lady Diana.