Mezentsev comments on Union State integration programs

MINSK, June 13 (BelTA) — State Secretary of the Belarusian-Russian Union Dmitry Mezentsev highlighted the progress of economic integration between Belarus and Russia in an interview with the ONT television channel on June 12 June, BelTA learned.

“The West imposes on us a game of chess beyond all rules. We must not give in. We have our own economic integration plans, the implementation of 28 Union State programs. We are heading towards the home stretch in their implementation,” said Dmitry Mezentsev.

In his words, the interaction in the format of the State of the Union is a clear success for Belarus and Russia. The deepening of relations is absolutely not a forced response to pressure from the West but the result of decisions taken and long negotiations. “We argued and disagreed with each other on various topics. I believe that is behind us. Maybe the brothers needed to argue a bit to agree on Union State programs. It is a truly unique foundation for the post-Soviet space. Our relationship in the economy today is in many ways an example of interaction within the EAEU and the CIS,” said the Secretary of State.

“Belarus and Russia are going where they should – to strengthen bilateral cooperation, to support import substitution programs, to form new production chains so that our companies can be loaded and the huge Russian market can support Belarusian agricultural producers. Belarusian machines have a large percentage of components from Russia; in fact, we already have joint production,” said Dmitry Mezentsev.