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Local News: Working to Stop Offering Traditional Cable TV (1/31/19)

CLOVERDALE — With traditional television changing rapidly, Endeavor Communications on Thursday announced a major change in the services it offers.

Responding to what it calls a “new wave of innovation,” Endeavor will no longer offer traditional cable television to new customers.

“Influenced by current trends, Endeavor Communications will be ending its traditional ‘cable television’ type media offering on February 1, 2019,” said CEO Darin LaCoursiere. “We will continue to provide full service to members who currently have our television service.”

The company’s statement explained the reason for the change.

“The traditional model of forcing customers into packages containing hundreds of channels – many of which are never watched – is becoming too expensive for our customers and for Endeavour,” the statement said. “As programming costs continue to rise, Endeavor is forced to pass on increased contract costs.”

Instead, Endeavor opts to help customers learn about TV streaming options.

“Streaming TV can be a cost-effective option, and we’d rather help our customers learn how to choose what they’d like to watch,” LaCoursiere said.

Instead, company representatives want to promote the positive characteristics they see in streaming, such as convenience, content, devices, area, and variety.

For any customers who need help learning the ins and outs of streaming, Endeavor will be hosting an event from 4-6pm on March 14th. Speed ​​Geeks will be on hand to help members learn how to stream content.

“Creating your own programming is a future we can all look forward to,” LaCoursiere said. “Endeavor wants you to have unlimited TV options – choose your shows, choose your location, choose your device and choose Endeavor Internet to help you manage it all.”