Limited energy support programs available during heat wave | Top Stories

(WAND) – Many in central Illinois are turning on the air conditioning during this extreme heat. It can drive up electric bills, and it happens in the same month that customers are expected to pay more for electricity in the state.

For families struggling to pay their electric bill, there aren’t as many options available this time of year. Illinois Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is already closed for the year.

But there are other programs that can help. CWLP and Ameren Illinois offer payment programs for those who need a little extra time to pay their bill, or need to catch up on an outstanding balance.

Ameren also offers a Friendly neighbors Nice friends year-round program for families who need help paying their bill. CWLP’s Project Relief, a similar relief program, is already closed for the year.

Sangamon County customers who live in Capital Township or the Township of Woodside may be eligible for assistance. Those in Woodside can call 217-522-3712.

There are also non-profit associations that can help you. The United Way of Central Illinois and the Salvation Army of Springfield and Decatur provide assistance to those in need. Abundant Faith Ministries can be reached at 217-527-1006 and Dove Inc. can be reached at 217-428-6616, both also offer support.

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