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Learning abroad programs can be an opportunity for students to broaden their understanding of the world through hands-on, experiential learning.

To help students become familiar with the various programs offered by UH, the University hosted a learn abroad lounge where students had the opportunity to discuss with professors and their peers about future opportunities.

“The Learning Abroad Fair is a great opportunity for coogs to see all the different places they can travel on our learning abroad mini-programs,” said the director of global engagement, Maggie Mahoney. “We offer our faculty-led programs as well as memberships, exchanges, and other ways for students to fund their programs abroad.”

Some of these include the Mindy, International Education, and Gilman scholarships.

According to Amy Lai, manager of management information systems, 81% of students who apply for the Gilman scholarship receive it. The application consists of three essays where students can win up to $5,000.

All interested students are encouraged to attend the Virtual General Information Session on September 19 from 10-11 a.m., as well as the Gilman Writing Workshop on September 27 from 2:30-4 p.m. to learn more. more about eligibility and receive personalized advice on their essays.

Psychology Junior Adeena Ali explained how receiving the Gilman Scholarship and various forms of government funding enabled her to travel to Amsterdam with the International Training School.

“In the summer of 2022 I went to Amsterdam where I learned about human trafficking and modern slavery in Europe,” Ali said. “I was able to stay in a host family and I still talk with my host sister who is like an older sister to me now.”

Ali added that there will be an Identity Conversation on Race and Ethnicity Abroad on September 20 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at the Student Center.

The fair also promoted a number of programs focused on STEM and environmental research such as the School of Field Studies, where students can choose between 10 different locations around the world to study the vast biodiversity and geography that the country has to offer.

Former School for Field Studies marketing manager Charlotte Bellomy describes her experience exploring the islands and rainforests of Panama.

“I went to Panama with the School for Field Studies and the programs they offer are incredibly immersive and supportive experiences deep in the environment,” Bellomy said. “I’m 27 now and it’s still my favorite thing I’ve ever done.”

Due to the grip that COVID-19 has put on international travel in recent years, UH has both faculty and students excited to experience the return of study abroad programs.

“My uncle told me that one of his biggest regrets in college was not going abroad to learn something, so I thought maybe I should come here and see what it was all about,” said psychology junior Kim Chan.

Mahoney strongly encourages all students to explore their global learning options and emphasizes the many resources at UH that can help with funding and managing students’ busy schedules.

“Our team is excited to further promote learning abroad post-pandemic and we just want to make sure students know that learning abroad is definitely back for every student,” Mahoney said. “We are specifically looking to support all students going abroad, and we want to make sure students know we are here and that we have scholarships to connect them and programs that are a perfect fit for their jobs. time.”

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