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Keke Palmer launches her own digital television network, “KeyTV”

Actress Keke Palmer dives to become a media mogul.

2022 is the year of Keke Palmer. For 20 years now, Palmer has graced us with his screen presence as a college smart speller in Akeelah and the bee, and most recently as a horse trainer in Jordan Peele Nope.

At the end of September, Palmer released a promotional video via instagram announcing its own network, TV key. This new network will focus solely, as Palmer puts it, on “spotlighting a new generation of creators.”

Although we’ve seen Palmer for years on TV and in movies, this time feels like an introduction to someone we’ve never met before. In the video, she introduces herself as her real name, Lauren, and then again as Keke Palmer, “the brand I started 20 years ago all the way back to Illinois with my mom. “.

In the video announcement, Palmer delves into her multi-faceted career as an actress, writer, director and singer. She learned from the best and is now one of the best. Everything Palmer has absorbed in the span of two decades as one of Hollywood’s fiercest actresses will, forever, be poured into the hearts of those around her.

With the creation of her own network, she will create a space where creativity and inclusiveness can flourish beyond the set boundaries that are often imposed on black artists. “I want to share everything I’ve learned with you, because it’s my biggest dream,” Palmer says.

Along with its announcement on instagramPalmer, 29, also made an announcement via TV keyit is Youtube channel. In the video, Palmer calls out more production designers, sound mixers, and more. to join its team of inspiring young designers. This opportunity will create more jobs in spaces where there are very few black people present. There are so many black artists in front of the screen that it is time there were also some behind the camera.

“It only takes one of us to unlock a door to unlock a million doors for each other. I am thrilled to introduce you to Key TV, where our stories matter and where we are portrayed as the keys to culture There’s no doubt in everyone’s mind that this power move will benefit the stellar actress and the black community well.

Showcasing black voices and artistic expression is one of the many ways the black community has managed to stay afloat. Our dances or even the way we talk have been taken and remarketed to fit an American family look that we don’t prescribe. Now that TV key is gone, there will be a place where underrepresented people can shine and show off their talents.