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How to Automatically Mute TV Commercials

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How to Automatically Mute TV Commercials

Let’s be honest: hardly anyone likes TV commercials. To make matters worse, their volume is usually louder than the rest of the program on TV. Even when the law that limits their volume too much came into effect, TV service providers would reduce the volume of programs as well as commercials, leaving the commercials at an even higher volume.

That said, you might be wondering if there’s a way to automatically mute these auditory intruders. Stick with us to see the answer.

Bring the bad news

Unfortunately, muting ads is such a controversial issue that no one has even attempted to make it a reality these days. Claims of copyright infringement are common and real, which is most likely associated with the current mute business situation.

TV service providers and studios have sued and received legal injunctions for copyright infringement, and they can take legal action against anyone who tries to edit its content. Disabling advertisements could constitute such an illegal modification.

Most of the solutions are homemade and intended for private use, while others have been abandoned for a long time. Still, it’s worth taking a look at these projects to show you what worked and what we hope it might look like in the future. Plus, if you’re tech-savvy, you might even be able to replicate some of the ideas presented here. (Don’t forget to share with the community.)


One of the best-known solutions for TV commercials is MuteMagic. This device only cost $40 at the time and was easy to install. All you had to do was hook it up to the TV and let it do its thing. He used infrared technology to send a command and mute the audio system.

Previously, it worked exclusively in North America and was only sold in the United States and Canada, as NTSC was the only supported broadcast system. Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) users have been very happy, hailing it as a great product although not 100% accurate.


Another product that looked very promising was to be called Mutr, but unlike MuteMagic, it never saw the light of day. This device was announced with some promotional and demo videos on YouTube, but there has been no real update since. Even his website hasn’t been updated in all this time.

According to the people behind Mutr, it can identify the start of a commercial break by detecting the differences between it and the actual program. It would then send a command to the audio output device to change channels or mute the sound. It is supposed to come with an infrared port, an Ethernet input and a Wi-Fi antenna.

commercial killer

Several projects have been done with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the most popular small computing platforms. One of them is called the Kommercial Killer. It’s a small, portable device that can automatically mute a TV, as well as wake it up, from across the house.

Its main advantage was not having to use the infrared remote control system that most TVs have, or any type of wiring in general. Instead, it can learn mute control of a TV, including that of newer TVs. The default activation interval of three minutes is the average length of an ad break. However, this can be configured.

The KK requires three different modules: a UHF radio receiver, an infrared module, and an Arduino Trinket board for the commercial break time slot.

commercial killer

Try to avoid inconvenience

If you like to tinker with technology and cool new devices, consider trying to make a device that works on Arduino or Raspberry Pi, as people have had success with these inexpensive microcomputers in the past. If not, it might be best to wait and see if someone can come up with more commercial mute devices, or maybe even apps, although that’s not very likely. Plus, cutting the cord is popular for a reason, and one of them is to avoid bad ads for nothing.

Have you ever thought about cutting the cord? Do you think anyone could come up with a commercial mutator despite the copyright issues? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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