Head of Inbound Communications Reviews PCOO Programs

Trixie Cruz-Angeles Designated Attorney-at-Law Press Secretary

QUEZON CITY, (PIA) — Incoming Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary (PCOO) Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles said Wednesday that she will have to assess the agency’s existing policies or programs as she remains undecided on “who [of the PCOO’s programs] to stay and which to leave.”

“In general, we will have to do an evaluation of all the projects on hold, and we will decide later whether to prioritize them or possibly put them on the back burner,” Cruz-Angeles said. during the public briefing of Laging Handa.

She said she should assess the effectiveness of each plan, project or activity to determine what could be continued under the next administration.

This, following some leaders of the PCOO who hoped for the continuity of the existing projects of the agency under the leadership of the elected president Ferdinand”bong bong” Marcos Jr.

She said there was a need to review the programs of the PCOO before considering calls to continue the reforms initiated by Andanar.

We’ll just look at the effectiveness of the platforms used and the messaging. We’re not saying we’re going to overhaul the whole PCOO or the systems they’ve put in place,” she says.

Evaluation will play a major role in decision-making regarding this policy,” she added.

Cruz-Angeles, however, noted that there is a plan to seek funding sources to continue upgrading public broadcasting stations such as People’s Television Network (PTV-4) and Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC 13).

She also commended the PCOO for stepping up the government’s information and communication campaign, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I would like to commend the existing PCOO for its considerable efforts in disseminating information on the pandemic, as well as on other issues,” she says.

She said she and outgoing communications secretary Martin Andanar, along with their respective transition teams, had already held a meeting to ensure a smooth transfer of power.

As press secretary, Cruz-Angeles is expected to oversee PCOO operations. (PIA-RCN)