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Head of banned TV channel says most Russians believe Putin’s lies about Ukraine – Reuters

Natalia Sindeeva, who set up independent television Dozhd – which was shut down following the invasion – said she was pessimistic about reaching the majority of the public with the truth about Putin’s invasion .

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Ukraine. Civilians killed after missile strike at Kramatorsk train station

Most Russians believe Vladimir Putin’s lies about the brutal invasion of Ukraine, the head of a banned TV channel has warned.

Ever since the Kremlin unleashed the senseless bloodshed in February, Putin and his cronies have cracked down on dissident media.

Although large protests have taken place across the country, participants face arrest and draconian prison sentences as the government tries to shield Russians from the truth.

In recent days, sickening details have emerged of alleged Russian war crimes, including murder, torture, rape and the targeting of civilians.

Natalia Sindeeva, who set up the independent television Dozhd – which was closed after the invasion – said she was pessimistic about reaching the majority of the public.

Journalist Natalia Sindeeva shared a pessimistic view of Russian propaganda


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The public is being tricked into believing that the butchery is carried out by Ukraine


Andy Commins/Daily Mirror)

She told The Independent that most Russians watch ‘propaganda’, saying: ‘They have completely opposite images, they think it’s the Ukrainians bombing Mariupol, they think the Ukrainians killed people in Bucha. ”

Ms Sindeeva said media that tell the truth do not have access to a wider audience.

She said: “We cannot reach them and to be honest they have no request for independent information.

“It’s a majority of the people – they support the war, they support Putin, they make it easy for him.”

She estimated that only 20% of the population have access to information about what is really happening in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s cronies cracked down on the media to enforce their lies


by Reuters)

Last month, Putin’s regime introduced new censorship laws that punish those who break the line with up to 15 years in prison.

This has had a chilling effect on the Russian media, with the public now being spoon-fed unconditional coverage of what lying officials call a “special military operation”.

Propaganda stations falsely repeat the false claim that Russia is ridding Ukraine of Nazis.

Censorship forced some journalists to flee the country rather than repeat the Kremlin’s narrative.

Liliya Gildeyeva, 45, was one of the main presenters of Gazprom-Media’s NTV channel for more than 15 years and had previously been praised by the Russian president.

She said she fled the country before submitting her resignation letter.

Last month, editor-in-chief Marina Ovsyannikova bravely interrupted a live broadcast to protest the war


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Ms Gildeyeva told blogger Ilya Varlamov: “At first I left, I was afraid they wouldn’t let me go, then I wrote my resignation letter.”

It was the latest example of a journalist breaking ranks as the Kremlin tightened its grip on state media in an effort to limit the information available to citizens.

Editor-in-chief Marina Ovsyannikova, who works for the state network Channel One, burst onto the set of a live broadcast last night shouting: “Stop the war. No to war.

She held up a sign saying, “Don’t believe the propaganda. They’re lying to you here.”

Ms Ovsyannikova released a statement saying she was ashamed to work for the channel broadcasting “Kremlin propaganda” and said war was a crime.

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