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Hallmark Channel producer is grateful for his support of the cable TV show

This is a thank you note, although it may take a minute for me to get to the gratitude. It’s hard for me to feel worthy of the kindness you’ve bestowed upon me.

I have a longtime friend who is a wonderful donor. Whatever he chooses – store bought or handmade, unwrapped or tied with ribbons and bows – his gifts are always thoughtful and heartfelt. I would like to be like that.

Do not mistake yourself. I love giving gifts – although I admit there is a part of me that always feels like my gifts are never quite “good enough”. I overthink gift selection rather than giving directly from the heart.

So, when giving someone a gift, I usually quickly say, “You can exchange it” or “If you already have one…”. Then I blushed realizing that I should have bought something else. I’m sure there are psychological implications here about my character, but I’ll ignore them for now because I want to talk about your gift to me.

By the way, before I go any further, I’m less good at receiving gifts than at giving them. I feel completely unworthy.

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I tried to find ways around this. I will say to someone, “Don’t give me anything for Christmas. I ask Ronda, whether it’s Christmas, my birthday, Valentine’s Day or some other occasion. She ignores my pleas, though, and usually gets me something really great, which, of course, only raises the “I-wouldn’t-have-deserved-you-something” quotient.

All this mishegoss (Yiddish for madness or insane behavior. I learned Yiddish from my mentor, Bruce Paltrow. My wife southernized it to mishegosh) on my part is not very gracious, I admit. But I try my best to tamp down my inappropriate behavior, I’m sure I manage to take some of the joy out of Ronda and other gift givers, to be honest. We’ve all sung this refrain at least some time in our lives: “Aw, you didn’t have to do that.” Yes, it doesn’t matter, the courteous and kind behavior would be for me just to thank the donor. Maybe some of you understand how uncomfortable I can be with people’s kindness and giving.

So, having made my confession and knowing how difficult it is for me, I want to… thank you.

Specifically, I want to thank all of you who have supported me by donating your time to watch the Hallmark TV series “When Calls the Heart,” of which I am Executive Producer and Head Writer. Now understand, I believe this is soothing and uplifting entertainment – ​​the kind that families can watch together. It was like that for the seven seasons before I became the showrunner.

This season, you made the difference. Some of you found out about it through this column, some through Ronda’s newsletter, or her friend, Karen Peck, others through social situations or a press release or magazine report. /TV. And you listened – many of you who had never watched before. You gave yourself, and that means the world to me.

In fact, you delivered the best grades he ever had. Each episode topped the previous week with bigger numbers. It was wonderful to watch.

And humiliating.

Of course (and I can only speak for myself although I’ve seen my co-workers feel the same way) we who do the show will always try to remember one hour of your day, that’s a lot to to give. It is a precious gift. And on a Sunday evening when, for whatever reason, the hours always seem more precious than the others.

I’m dangerously close to diminishing your gift by talking about what you get in return. Instead, please accept my appreciation for such attention. Thank you. A lot.

You made this little show the number one cable television series of the year.

My heart is overflowing.

John Tinker is married to columnist Ronda Rich. Hallmark’s “When Calls The Heart” is the #1 show on cable.