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G4 is back! How to watch the revived Game TV Network

After a seven-year absence, G4 is back, both on cable and online. So here’s how to watch the Game TV Network and what to expect if you do.

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G4 is a television network dedicated to all things gaming and geek. It was launched in the early 2000s but was bought out in 2014. And then the shows were taken down one by one.

However, G4 is now back, with a new direction for the internet generation where everything is streamed online. So here’s what kind of shows to expect on G4, and how (and where) to watch them.

What G4 shows are available to watch?

G4 launched with more shows than expected, resulting in an overwhelming amount of content to consume. Here are the shows available to stream at the time of writing:

  1. The Show Attack: Host Kevin Pereira describes AOTS as “a variety show about geek culture”. The show is broken up into segments consisting of hilarious sketches, peeks at the latest internet videos, discussing trending topics in nerd culture, and unscripted conversations with fellow G4 hosts and special guests.
  2. The loop: The Loop is a longer segment of Attack Of The Show, uploaded on its own. This is an interview style show where host Kevin Pereira sits down with a special guest (most recently Adam Savage from Mythbusters) or another G4 host to discuss various topics regarding technology, video games, science and fashionable stories.
  3. xplay: Host Adam Sessler returns with long and short video game reviews and explanations. Sessler does a terrific job of bringing his video game consulting expertise while being hilarious, relatable, and incredibly informative.
  4. Boosted: Join hosts Ovilee May and Froskurinn as they discuss trends, news and professional gaming tournaments in the world of esports.
  5. Dungeons & Dragons presents party invite: This is a new series for G4 that follows four campaigns played with various G4 hosts, celebrities, and other D&D enthusiasts.


Where can you watch G4 content?

G4TV Youtube channel homepage

G4 fans (new and old) can watch all of the above content in a variety of places, with all of its shows streaming live on G4’s channels on Twitch and YouTube.

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Browsing G4 content on YouTube is the best way to watch. However, the number of shows and channels available can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a quick guide to where to watch which shows on which YouTube channel.


  1. G4 Uncut: 6-hour recorded live streams with timestamps of each segment in descriptions.
  2. Xplay: advice and explanations on video games
  3. Dungeons & Dragons presents party invite
  4. The loop

The Show Attack

  1. Attack Of The Show: 2-Hour Recorded Live Streams
  2. Excerpts from the AOTS
  3. The loop


  1. Xplay Live: 2-hour recorded live streams
  2. Xplay: advice and explanations on video games

G4TV Esports

  1. Boosted: 2-hour recorded live streams
  2. Boosted Segment Clips
  3. League Nightmares: G4 Esports Podcast
  4. Face Control: G4 Esports Podcast

As G4 was only recently relaunched, its YouTube channels are still going strong. Some episodes of The Loop can only be found on G4TV, while others can only be found on the Attack Of The Show channel.

Although the channels are not neatly organized, the list above should help viewers navigate the content more easily. And G4 is also available on cable through Xfinity TV, Verizon Fios, and Cox.

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When do the new G4 episodes come out?

The G4 schedule is subject to change. However, you can find G4’s TV provider schedule on its website, which is updated weekly. The release schedule for new episodes will be posted there, letting you know when and where to watch new episodes as they are released.

G4 is back, as geeks rise again

The relaunch of G4 is incredibly exciting and finally makes it possible for those who are obsessed with video games and nerd culture to feel part of this community again. There are already some great shows to enjoy, and hopefully more to come soon.

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