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US free-to-air TV network has had its homepage removed from Google due to a questionable takedown request. The apparent error relates to an overly broad DMCA notice sent on behalf of European football organization UEFA. The problem went unnoticed for over a year and persists today.

Regular readers will be familiar with the Mega cloud storage platform, but might not ring a bell right away. is a relatively small free-to-air television channel headquartered in Miami and Puerto Rico. The company is owned by Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) and is available in several US states. is gone

Trying to find TV network information through Google can be confusing as Mega TV shares its name with a Greek TV network. But that’s not the only problem. It turns out that the homepage of is not listed by the search engine at all.

When we search for “” on Google, a notice appears at the bottom of the results page informing us that a result is missing. Apparently, a copyright holder has intervened claiming that Mega TV is a counterfeit website.

“In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page.”

mega deleted

When we reviewed the takedown notice posted by Google in the Lumen database, it became clear that this takedown notice had been sent by OpSec Online, acting on behalf of European football organization EUFA.

EUFA IPTV streams illegal?

Like many other sports organisations, UEFA is seriously concerned about the continued rise in online piracy. Pirate IPTV and streaming services in particular are seen as a direct threat. And according to the review, falls into this category.

The notice in question alleges that Mega TV is an illegal IPTV service that “broadcasts UEFA audiovisual content without permission”. While we cannot confirm or deny that the network has ever aired EUFA content, it is definitely not a pirate IPTV service.

This request for withdrawal is not really new. It was sent to Google over a year ago. This means that the homepage has not been found on Google this whole time.

We contacted the television network to request a comment on our findings, but the company has yet to respond. The same goes for OpSec, which is listed as the sender of the notification.

Not the only “error”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this DMCA notice has appeared on our radar. We also reported it last year because it targets the pages of several other legitimate sites, including Virgin Media, DIRECTV, Best Buy, and Star TV.

The results for these major brands were not removed from the search engine because Google detected the errors before they were processed. However, was not so lucky and remains untraceable to this day.