Featured Programs WTJX-TV, Channel 12 Scheduled May 2-8

These are the featured programs that will air on WTJX-TV, Channel 12 from May 2-8, 2022.

Monday, May 2

8 p.m. The library (New episode)

With Howard Jones

Author Howard Jones joins The Bookcase to discuss his lifelong love of writing and how he crafted his particular method for writing complex fiction.

10 p.m. The library (New episode)

With Howard Jones

Try harder!

Follow seniors at Lowell High School in San Francisco as the pressure mounts to impress admissions officers at elite universities.

Tuesday, May 3

8 p.m. Find your roots (Repost AAPI)

Report journalists

Journalists Christiane Amanpour, Ann Curry and Lisa Ling discover stories in their family trees

9 p.m. American experience

Flood in the desert

Explore the 1928 Los Angeles Dam collapse, the second deadliest disaster in California history.

10 p.m. First line (New episode)

The Power of Big Oil Part 3 (End of Miniseries) Explore the history of the fossil fuel industry that casts doubt and delays action on climate change.

Wednesday May 4

8 p.m. Nature (Retransmit)

My garden with a thousand bees

Learn about the diverse species and personalities of the bees that live in a British urban garden.

9 p.m. Nova (Retransmit)

Hindenburg: the new proof

Explore newly discovered images that provide insight into the cause of the Hindenburg disaster.

10 p.m. Extinction: the facts (Retransmit)

Find out how species extinction affects us all.

Thursday May 5

8 p.m. American experience (Repost AAPI)

The American diplomat

Examine how three black diplomats – Edward R. Dudley, Terence Todman and Carl Rowan – broke down racial barriers at the US State Department during the Cold War.

9 p.m. The History of China – Marathon of Three-Part Miniseries (Rebroadcast AAPI)

Explore early China with host Michael Wood as he joins a million people at a festival of ancient gods, hear the story of China’s first bloodthirsty emperor, and walk the road of silk to discover the brilliant Tang dynasty.

Friday, May 6

9 p.m. Inside the Vatican (retransmission)

Discover the daily life of those who live and work in the Vatican.

11 p.m. Little Rat (New)

Discover the story of three women linked by intergenerational trauma.

Saturday May 7

8 p.m. Mr. Storm: American experience (Repost AAPI)

Meet pioneer meteorologist Ted Fujita, who transformed our understanding of tornadoes.

9 p.m. Norman Mineta and His Legacy: An American Story (Repost AAPI)

Meet the statesman who served as Cabinet Secretary to Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush.

11 p.m. Austin city limits (Retransmit)

Allen Toussaint: New Orleans legend

Enjoy a vintage hour with New Orleans soulful songwriter, producer and musician Allen Toussaint.

Sunday May 8

5 p.m. Great Performances at the Met (New Episode)


Discover Isabel Leonard as a rags-to-riches princess in this production by Laurent Pelly.

8 p.m. Call the Midwife (New Episode)

Special delivery

The aftermath of a tragic incident in the heart of Poplar ripples through the community.

9 p.m. Ridley Road on Masterpiece (new episode)

Now undercover, Vivien works to convince neo-Nazi leader Colin Jordan that she’s on his side.

10 p.m. My Grandparents’ War (will be rebroadcast Memorial Day)

Marc Rylance

Actor Mark Rylance explores his grandfather’s extraordinary story during World War II.

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