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Etsy launches holiday TV ads

With Halloween now officially in the rearview mirror, Etsy is airing three US TV commercials to inspire holiday shoppers. This year, the focus is on relationships.

The campaign is titled “Give more than a gift,” a sentiment inherent in who Etsy is as a brand, according to a company spokesperson.

“This year, we wanted our ads to focus on the relationships – both expected and unexpected – that impact our lives and the powerful way a gift can say something really meaningful,” she told us. . “Our goal was to tell intimate, authentic and human stories that often go unnoticed.”

Etsy is also running 2 TV ads in the UK and 2 in Germany. The themes of the 3 US-only spots are as follows:

Bus stop tells the timely and relevant story of an unlikely bond between two people and a gift that shows gratitude.
Recipe is about how a mother can connect with her daughter through the gift of a recipe, but also how that gift connects them to their culture and family.
Our Santa Claus (which works in the US and UK) is an often untold story about feeling represented and how a son can recognize his father’s desire to feel seen through a meaningful gift.

The ads will run on over 50 cable channels and broadcast networks, streaming/OTT/VOD (such as Hulu, Roku, Sky, ITV Hub) and digital video. Additionally, Etsy said “our channel mix includes podcasts, digital audio (like Spotify), and extensions working on paid social networks,” including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

How effective do you think ads will be in driving holiday sales on Etsy?

We did a quick check of the three big online marketplaces to see if Christmas trees or Hanukkah Dreidels dotted their homepages.

On Monday afternoon, eBay and Amazon featured no holiday decorations, while Etsy had a link at the top “Get a jump start on holiday joy!” leading to his vacation landing page.

As a seller, would you like eBay and Amazon to join Etsy in running TV ads that inspire holiday shoppers?