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Enterr10 TV Network Launches New GEC

Media and entertainment company Enterr10 is planning to release a few GECs for HSM audiences and among the many, the first is Dangal 2.

The channel aired on April 2. According to the company, the new GEC aims to engage with audiences across the country and will host a series of old and new shows from the network. Viewers will not only get the chance to reminisce and rejoice in the much-loved old shows, but also watch the TRP collect new originals from Dangal TV on this new channel as well.

Enterr10 network’s flagship channel, Dangal TV, has managed to become part of the life of Hindi-speaking audiences. Now, with Dangal 2, the network plans to engage, captivate, and entertain them even more.

Among the many shows that will air on the new GEC are ‘Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chhaon Mein’, ‘Jyoti’, ‘Pyaar ki Lukka Chuppi’, ‘Phir Laut Aayi Nagin’, ‘Basera’, ‘Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo’, ‘Mahima Shani Dev Ki’ and ‘Crime Alert’.

Manish Singhal, Managing Director of Dangal TV, said, “We have built a unique relationship with our viewers through our channels. While Dangal TV is more tuned to female viewers, with Dangal 2 we are looking to encapsulate a wider audience base. We use all our experience from the heart of the Hindi language and work to create content that allows for family viewing. Our viewers have already shown so much love towards Dangal TV, now with Dangal 2 we want to be part of their family!

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