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Elon Musk hints at potential future acquisition of major TV network

Billionaire Elon Musk may have just hinted at his next future endeavor via Twitter after responding to a suggestion from author Dinesh D’Souza on the platform.

D’Souza gave a nod to how the Tesla CEO is often criticized for manipulating both the stock and crypto markets through his Twitter comments, whether posting memes or to give quick opinions on certain parts and companies.

D’Souza gave Musk a suggestion for how Musk might be able to “radically change the political and cultural landscape” outside of just shooting Twitter.

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“1. Buy and take over a major social media platform,” the author wrote. “2. Acquire or create a television network like ABC, NBC, or CBS 3. Create a world-class online university and offer degrees for free.

the Tweet himself received over 72,000 likes and 9,000 retweets, but it was Musk’s response that caught most people’s attention.

“Interesting ideas,” the billionaire replied, short and sweet.

While it might not sound like a major piece, Musk is well aware of the power of his words on Twitter and doesn’t tend to comment on anything of significance unless he’s seriously considering it.

Last year, Musk faced criticism after he briefly changed his Twitter bio to say #bitcoin, causing the coin’s valuation to skyrocket by more than 20%.

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“There is a strange irony in Elon Musk’s ability to move the market, while attacking what he sees as unnatural market forces in short selling,” said analyst Dan Lane. CNBC in an interview. “It might finally be time to have a discussion about the legitimacy of the practice.”

But it’s not all fun and games for the billionaire,

This week it was reported that he messaged a 19-year-old on the platform, offering him $5,000 to delete a fan account that tracks Musk’s private jet activity, potentially exposing the location of the CEO and compromising his safety.

“Can you take that down? It’s a security risk,” Musk said.

Since Monday evening, the @ElonJeThe account was still active, with over 254,600 followers.

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