Dell Combines Its Three Partner Programs – Cloud – Data Center – Digital – Hardware – Servers & Storage – Services

Dell has merged its three partner programs, bringing together solution providers, cloud service providers (CSPs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) under one incentive program.

The changes are designed to make it easier for partners to move up the ranks of Dell’s three-tier program, earn certifications and access more discounts and incentives, according to Dell’s ANZ Channel Manager Shant Soghomonian.

“This change is really important in a market like ANZ because our partners stopped just reselling many, many years ago,” he told CRN.

“And so the fact that we ran parallel programs, to support partners, especially from a CSP and MSP perspective, where most of the overlap is [means that] these changes are very positive, they now only need to get their training and certification in one program, not in both programs, they only need to achieve the level of achievement, income, education and other requirements of a single program.

“It’s a big benefit for partners and something we’ve been doing for a while because it lowers their cost of partnering with Dell Technologies, it’s a cohesive program they’re trying to move towards.

“And it also gives them the opportunity to reach higher levels within our program, as we’re in the last year, they’re trying to reach two streams from those streams, and now they can aim for that as well higher levels.”

He said the changes will also make it easier for partners to move up the program tiers, which Dell defines as Gold, Platinum and Titanium in ascending order.

“I definitely see more Gold Partners moving to Platinum and some of the Platinums starting to move to Titanium.”

“I think it actually gives an opportunity for the average players who had to run two streams in the past to run it now under one stream, one revenue realization, to invest in the unique certification and training requirements.

“It allows average players to punch above their weight and really compete against the big city players who generally have more people and more income. It is therefore a little easier for them to achieve titanium status, for example.

Soghomonian said Dell still has work to do to attract what he described as “cloud-born partners.”

“We have started, absolutely, working with them, but we also recognize that sometimes they want to be engaged a little differently and this program doesn’t solve that. When I say otherwise, partners born in the cloud do not want to resell, they want to advise, they want to do the services, to work the components around the customer’s cloud strategy.

“Now they want to have an on-premises strategy, or what they would call a private cloud, in their offerings and therefore they don’t want to resell, they want to advise and have someone else do it. But there’s still quite a bit of work to do, actually, as a program within Dell Technologies to attract that kind of partner.