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Dave Grohl once planned to launch a television network

Dave Grohl said he once pursued the idea of ​​starting his own television network because he felt that music was not well served by the programming that currently exists.

The Foo Fighters frontman found himself in a conversation with a former MTV boss, and that’s when he realized it wasn’t a good idea to go ahead with his plans.

“Years ago I was determined to start my own network,” Grohl told Vulture in a recent interview. “I was fucking out of my mind: ‘I’m going to start my own music channel.’ I had this idea that music programming shouldn’t just be videos, it should be something that showcases the artist with more depth or substance, whether it’s a live performance or a a mini-documentary.

He added that he “went up with my old friend, Judy McGrath, who used to run MTV a long time ago. We sat down to dinner and she said, ‘I can get you a channel’. I’m like , ‘Really?’ ‘Yes.’ Then she said, ‘Do you really want to be a TV executive?’ I was like, ‘No, damn that. No way. No fucking way.'”

Grohl did, however, put music on TV with his documentary series Sonic Highways. “I interviewed about a hundred people for this series,” he said. “It’s a history of American music – not the whole story, but it’s a big part of it. …Because it needs to be heard so people not only appreciate where we’ve been, but have something to look forward to.

He noted that the evolution of music, instruments, technology and creativity were important to him. “I’ve always loved the idea of ​​these roots that grow into something that blooms for years or seeds that are planted for the next generation,” he said. “I still believe that this fucking crazy music world we live in now is a community. If I’m on stage and there’s a K-pop band to my right and Alicia Keys to my left, we’re all in this together. The Foo Fighters might be, like, the Crosbys, Stills & Nash in this fucking way, but we’re in the same boat.

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