City Council works with local groups to help fund community development programs

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) — In January, Rapid City Council approved eleven projects for City Vision funds allocating a total of $26.2 million to local organizations, in hopes it will help programs community development and other projects.

Right behind… He Sapa Otipi Community Development Corporation and Black Hills Area Community Foundation… Elevate Rapid City was number three on the list of eleven vision fund recipients. Elevate received a total of three million dollars.

Tom Johnson, president of Elevate Rapid City, says vision funds help attract businesses that want to move to Rapid City

He says, “It funds a lot of our recruiting efforts when we recruit companies and bring them to town and we have about 40 companies looking at Rapid City right now. It funds all of our workforce development grants when we train people and nurture them. It also funds programs that are out of this incubator here, so for entrepreneurship it funds our advocacy efforts and our quality of life efforts. It also funds some of our small business programs, and finally it funds some of the regional planning that we’re trying to do.

Some of these efforts are aimed at solving rental and housing issues in the city of Rapid as well as finding affordable spaces for the thirty to forty thousand people who will move here in the next few years.

Johnson says: “We have to prepare for this and we have to think about how we can plan for this regionally.

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