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Christian religious TV network LoveWorld fined by UK Ofcom over COVID-19 conspiracy theories

LoveWorld Television Ministry was fined the equivalent of almost $34,000 by a UK media regulator after it aired false claims about COVID-19 last year, including one about a “global cover-up” linked to 5G mobile networks . Episodes of a program aired on the network internationally featured “unproven, materially misleading and potentially harmful” content, the Government Communications Office, or Ofcom, said in a ruling. The network, it was decided, had failed to provide “adequate protection” to viewers. Ofcom said it considered these breaches of the rules to be “serious”.

Last April, LoveWorld presented 5G as a “very dangerous weapon” and the cause of the pandemic. One host suggested that when 5G “comes into contact with a human body, it can deliver poison to cells.” He also took a skeptical view of the government’s lockdowns and health advisories, casting “serious doubt” on the need to listen to them. In another episode, LoveWorld pushed hydroxychloroquine as a “cure” for COVID without mentioning that the drug is unproven. The church associated with the television network, Christ Embassy, ​​was founded in 1987 by a Nigerian pastor. He has about 13 million followers.

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