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Central Texas actor featured in high-profile TV commercials, upcoming Disney show

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – A Central Texas actor is turning heads as he appears in several high-profile national television commercials, including T-Mobile and Toyota, and says he doesn’t have the intention to slow down anytime soon.

Jackson Kelly, 20, born and raised in the heart of Texas, moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional acting career during his senior year of high school at Vanguard College Preparatory School in Waco, as classes were held virtually. in 2020 due to COVID-19.

In the summer of 2021, Jackson moved to New York, and despite being 1,700 miles from home, his family in central Texas sees him a lot these days.

Jackson stars in a T-Mobile commercial in which he plays a son on a lake fishing with his father. He is also the center of attention in a Toyota commercial in which he sits in the back with his girlfriend while his father drives.

“It’s interesting because I don’t have a TV in my apartment so I can’t see them, but it’s fun when my parents see them and text me,” Jackson said. “I go to work and do the work, then I forgot I did, and six months later someone texts me and says, ‘I just saw you. “”

Jackson Kelly(Courtesy photos)

Jackson got the comedy bug by accident at age 11 when his babysitter, a Baylor student, had to find a kid for a role in a college theater program.

“My babysitter said, ‘I’m babysitting this kid who could pass for a 9-year-old,” Jackson recalled. “So I was thrown into the room and just had fun hanging out with him. all those middle schoolers and skipping school. After that, that was it. I dedicated it all to that.”

Jackson participated in the Waco Children’s Theater and the Waco Civic Theater in his youth. He also played roles in his high school’s theater troupe, winning the best actor award at the state level for a one-act play.

“It was my world,” he said.

Jackson works odd jobs in New York, making him readily available for auditions.

He works backstage at an Off-Broadway magic show at the Players Theater and he works producing workout videos.

Jackson Kelly
Jackson Kelly(Courtesy picture)

Professionals take note of the talent of the rising star.

He is represented by Duvall Mac Talent in Dallas and Talentworks in Los Angeles, where work for him is steady.

He doesn’t just book ads, he’s also on a billboard for the 7-11 pizza ad, but he didn’t know it until a friend sent him a picture.

“The first time I saw it was when someone sent it to me in early December,” he laughed.

Jackson has other exciting projects in the works.

He will appear in an upcoming Famous Footwear ad.

He also has a few TV show roles, including one on Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion airing on Disney Plus and Disney Chanel and another guest appearance on The Thing About Pam, a limited series for NBC.

The actor says he’s living his dream on the big screen, but he’s auditioning and booking at the same time.

“The goal for me is not super spectacular,” Jackson said. “I just want to keep playing and go as far as I can.”

Jackson Kelly is the son of Stewart and Tracy Kelly of Waco.

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