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Ben Tankard launches SMOOTH LIFE TV Network

Legendary entertainer and music mogul Ben Tankard has a resume that includes fifteen gold and six platinum albums, multiple Billboard Smooth Jazz Radio No. 1 singles, seventeen Stellar Awards, and a Stellar Music induction. Hall of Fame. He has numerous Dove, Grammy®, Soul Train and NAACP Image Award nominations. Tankard is an author, reality TV dad, pilot, NBA motivational speaker, and pastor of a thriving church near Nashville, TN. From music to ministry to media, Tankard’s powerhouse brand has collaborated on partnerships with Shell Aviation, Walmart, Joel Osteen Ministries and CJC Network. He has built himself a global icon status and continues further by launching his own television network.

Tankard and his wife and business partner Jewel Tankard launch SMOOTH LIFE Network. From relaxing music and gorgeous mansions to movies, mindset, motivation and money matters, Smooth Life Network (SmoothLifeTV) is the one stop shop for all things SMOOTH. The Smooth Life channel will be a visual and sonic backdrop for a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle.

“With our huge success in music and reality TV with our family show, Jewel and I feel compelled to make our world more accessible to our core audience on an on-demand basis,” says Tankard. “We also want to open the door for other creatives to have the opportunity to shine their projects on a global scale.”

Tankard is looking for content for its Smooth Life network. “We cast a wide net for submissions of quality content to air on our 24-hour TV channel,” he explains. “We are looking for content to stream live and on-demand worldwide via Apple/ROKU/Amazon Firestick in addition to iPhone/Android apps and more.”

Viewers will enjoy inspiring and entertaining programming like the hit series Thicker Than Water: The Tankards, Kingdom Kribz, Lush Decor (reality), The Zone (teen empowerment), The Destiny Center Sunday Services (motivational), Elite Ballers (sports), Monica’s Pot (food) and Smooth Sundays w/Tank (music concerts). The Smooth Life Network will launch on October 1, 2022. Visit:

With his RISE! album remaining on the charts for over three years, and his 2021 SHINE! album with Smooth Jazz Radio’s No. 1 hit and Marvin Gaye’s remake “Just Like Music”, Tankard won another music accolade. Tankard has received a nomination for the 2022 JAZZ MUSIC AWARD. The Jazz Music Awards (JMA), presented by Jazz 91.9 WCLK, Clark Atlanta University, is the first awards show in the United States and North America entirely dedicated to the performance of value of the art form of jazz. Tankard is nominated for Best Contemporary Artist and is the only gospel artist to be included in the award nominations.

“I’m super excited to be a part of this historic event and how God has used me as his ambassador to cross musical genres with my Gospel and Jazz music combo,” says Tankard.

Tankard has been offering us music to meditate, dream and vibrate for more than three decades. He treats listeners to a new radio single, “Shudda-Sed-Sompid-Din,” from his SHINE! album. “Shudda-Sed-Sompid-Din” features Tankard’s Best Musician contest winners Brandon Marceal (flute) and Tracey Phipps (vocals). SHINE! is available in stores and on all digital music platforms.