Belcourt programs the Spielberg series before The Fabelmans | Cinema/Television

Steven Spielberg has never shy away from family drama, and this fall he’s putting his own childhood under the microscope with The Fabelmans.

Likely a major Oscar contender, Spielberg’s latest will open citywide on Wednesday, November 23, including at the Belcourt. To mark the occasion, the theater has screened six Spielberg films that, in a way, deal with family dynamics. Starting this month, Belcourt attendees will be able to experience The Fabelmans +6: The Fated Family Visions of Steven Spielberg.

The seminal Dating of the Third Kind launches the series on November 18 and 22, with a 4K DCP too good to miss. AND the extra-terrestrial will follow on November 19 and 20. This classic has just been reissued for its 40th anniversary. Critics often refer to these two films as the best shots for understanding the director’s relationship with his parents. i.e. before The Fabelmans was a thing, anyway.

The Belcourt has also planned a 35 mm print from the years 2002 AI Artificial Intelligence, a Stanley Kubrick project that Spielberg took over after the filmmaker’s death. Also on the program: the beginnings of Spielberg The Sugarland Express (30 Nov, 3 Dec), Christian Bale’s war drama Empire of the Sun (December 4, December 6) and the phenomenal hugs of Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hanks Catch Me If You Can (Dec. 10 and 11).

All of Spielberg’s filmography deserves to be programmed (yes, even Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). However, finding the family elements in his earlier works should prompt one to look The Fabelmans all the more emotionally resonant.

If nothing else, it’s an excuse to watch a true master’s films the way they’re meant to be seen. What better way to celebrate Spielberg than on the big screen?

Tickets and times are available at Belcourt’s website.