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Baldwin Wallace provides streaming cable TV on a trial basis – THE EXHIBITOR

Baldwin Wallace has been broadcasting cable television, since when?

This year, Baldwin Wallace is bringing Spectrum University, a new streaming cable and OnDemand service, to students who live on campus. With Spectrum University, students have access to 80 cable TV channels and on-demand movies and TV shows.

“As long as I can remember, the university has kept cable TV going,” said Greg Flanik, chief information officer at BW. But a decade ago, he said, the market began to shift from a coaxial cable connection, which plugged into the wall and transmitted content directly to a TV, to streaming TV.

Cable companies don’t produce their own content like some streaming services do. Instead, they buy content and package it to sell together on a service. When the market changed, cable television services had to adapt. And they did it by changing the medium.

This decision to switch to a streaming service took three years after Spectrum Cable approached Baldwin Wallace about switching to media streaming.

“We sent out a survey to students saying, ‘If you had a choice, what would you prefer: would you like to have cable television or would you prefer that we invest in more Internet bandwidth?’ And the survey results were about 50/50,” Flanik said.

So they decided to give it a try.

“We’re basically giving this a two-year trial [starting this year]”, Flanik said. “And then we’ll probably survey the students again and then evaluate and say, ‘Hey, does this have value? Do you still love? Or do you want us to buy more? ‘Internet, buy more wireless connectivity?

Telecommunications Manager Deanna Mushat assists Flanik with contracts, meetings and information gathering.

“With anything with technology…they don’t like to do long-term contracts, because things change so quickly,” Mushat said. “You know there could be something better and bigger next year [for the cable service].”

BW offers cable, Mushat said, “because it feels like home. You know what I mean? When you come to school and you’re in your dorm room, it’s basically like your home away from home.

There are several players in the cable industry. But according to Flanik, none of them included everything the school was looking for. In order to watch sporting events and then get some traditional cable programming, a person has to buy multiple subscriptions to different streaming services, Flanik said. But then the objective of reducing the amount of money spent on television is not achieved since the bill for streaming services is almost equal to that of cable subscription.

“So we looked at Spectrum University, and we said, ‘You know, it’s really a one-stop shop because all the sporting events are here, and then all the regular TV programming is here,” Flanik said. “And then they also have on-demand content, where you can just watch certain TV shows.”

Another reason BW switched to cable is because wireless internet was recently upgraded on campus, Flanik said.

“Once [the students’] devices are on the network, they should have a pretty decent experience, provided they keep up with their updates and don’t have any malware or viruses on their machines,” Flanik said. And it will allow them to stream cable TV to their devices and really let them choose how they want to consume content. »

BW chose Spectrum University over other vendors because the school has worked with Spectrum before, according to Mushat.

“Several years ago we set up a fiber connection with Spectrum,” Mushat said. “And it was a different way for them to deliver the [cable] service. So we kind of already had that backbone in place.

“Our network manager, network infrastructure manager and Spectrum technicians worked together with all the logistics through to configuration.”

However, there is a downside: some content may be hidden when viewed off-campus.

“They’d rather you watch [certain content] on your television here against [at home] for them to black it out,” Flanik said.

Any internet-connected device can access Spectrum University through the website or the app available on any major app store. If using the app, Flanik said students should be sure to download the “Spectrum University” app and not the “Spectrum TV” app.